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"Spiders": a mini-report for a high school biology class

s.A hard shell called an exoskeleton covers the entire body of a spider. The exoskeleton is made of cuticle, a material composed of a combination of protein and tough fibers called chitin. The cuticle ... another, an arrangement that improves the strength and elasticity of the exoskeleton. The spider's cuticle provides attachment sites for many muscles, and it also prevents desiccation (loss of body w ...

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Woodlice in general in NZ

ds. These preferences are behavioral adaptations to help reduce desiccation. Woodlice lack the waxy cuticle normally found on the exoskeletons of most cephalopods. This means that they are much more p ...

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Nematoda Report.

al bodies that taper to a fine tip in the posterior and a blunt end at the head. Also, they have a cuticle--a tough layer of outerskin--covering their entire bodies.*They are pseudocoelomates. T ...

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How-To: The Perfect Pedicure

o soak your nails in this harmful nail polish remover because it can be extremely irritating on the cuticle nail bed. After that, prepare a bucket with luke-warm water and soak both feet about five to ... m in the warm water to prevent damage and weakness in the nails. Then you must adequately groom the cuticles. The cuticle of a nail is the strip of hardened skin at the base and sides of a nail. Caref ...

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er and leave in the same direction.They have a hydrostatic skeleton used for support. The lack of a cuticle forces the flatworms to use their intracellular fiber and basal lamina to support their body ... ates. They use hooks and suckers to attach themselves to intestine of a host organism. A protective cuticle keeps them from being digested by their hosts' digestive juices. They absorb digested food f ...

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Acid Rain Experiment.

use acid rain has very harmful effects on plants, damaging the leaves, removing water from the waxy cuticle and limiting the nutrients available.VariablesIndependent variable (to manipulate, alter) &# ...

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How to have beautiful feet

soak into the feet, making them extra soft and well-moisturized.Once a week, gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick to keep your toes healthy.Use toe separators and put a base coat on yo ...

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