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Mannings in China

t demands and age groups of consumer. Mannings China provides professional services including pharmacy, dietetic and beauty advisors services to provide professional health, dietary and beauty advice ... rope takes up 37% of the market, and China in a minor 7%.The expenditure of Chinese people on pharmacy rises from HKD$2 billion in 1982 to HKD$460 billion in 2002 . So, it is expected to grow in China ...

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Sociology - Mass media

nce theory suggests that audiences are active in their communication process and that their dependency on media relies on their needs and social stability (Hastie, 2013). So if a person has many alter ... sten & Gunther, 2003). This effect is known as the projection effect and it refers to the tendency for people to rely on their own opinions to estimate the prevalence of public opinion (Christen & ...

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