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How Guns Work

d were common place in Europe by mid-century. These early guns were nothing more than large calibre cylinders of wrought iron or cast bronze, closed at one end and loaded by placing gunpowder and proj ...

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What really makes a car go? The Four-Stroke Cycle.

ports(inlets or outlets) are needed to supply air and fuel on the intake (first down) stroke of the cylinders, and to expel burned gases on the exhaust(second up) stroke. The ports are opened and clos ...

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The permability of membranes in beetroot

After I gathered up all the apparatus I then had to use the cork borer, which was 6 mm to bore out cylinders of beetroot I bored them out and made sure that both ends of the cylinders where square th ... il it was the length that I needed this was 40mm, then with the 40mm I will split in into four 10mm cylinders using the razor blade to increase the surface area of the beetroot. I did this six times t ...

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The American music of twentieth century.

that time.Music of the 1900'sPhonographs and gramaphones were making their way into the home, with cylinders and disks selling from fifty to seventy five cents. At first, all sound recordings were ma ...

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The Five Major Battles.

22, two months after arriving, Germany choose Ypres for the first gasattack ever-They set off 5730 cylinders of chlorine gas-The gas killed 6037 Canadian soldiers-The soldiers still stood their groun ...

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Lunar Bases--Living in Space.

d hold around six million people. The production of agriculture will take place in smaller separate cylinders. The industrial area would also be in another separate cylinder due to the high transporta ...

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An investiagtion to establish the isotonic point of potato cell sap

I have been asked to investigate the effects of osmosis on potato cell sap. I will test potato cylinders in different strengths of sucrose solution and record any results in a table. I will then ... tile· 1 molar sugar solution· Electronic balance· Stopwatch· Measuring cylinders· Ruler· 12 pieces of potato (0.8g each)· 2 beakers· Distilled ...

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m was a movement in painting that sought to break down objects into basic shapes of cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones.Cubism originated in France and was influenced by African sculptures and by Pau ...

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Investigating the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid

a full outer shell, so they would not react with the other chemicals.Equipment : Beakers,Measuring cylindersClamp stand and ClampsBlack paper tubeLight probe and Blue boxDataloggerLampTotal of 30cm3 ...

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What is the effect of temperature on the permeability of beetroot cell membranes?

same time after.Equipment:-BeakerThermometerHeat proof matTripodBunsen BurnerCork Borer10 Beetroot cylindersForceps10 test tubesColorimeterMeasuring cylinderAlso to improve the reliability of the tes ... s water in beaker cools repeat step 3 using fresh cylinder of beetroot.- Complete this cycle for 10 cylinders- Leave each cylinder in its test tube for 30 minutes- After 30 minutes remove beetroot and ...

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Rates of reactions coursework (GCSE)

loric acid (1mol/dm3)Magnesium ribbonDistilled waterConical flaskDelivery tubeWater troughMeasuring Cylinders to collect gas, 100cm3StopwatchMethod:1. Firstly I will get the required concentrations ma ...

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This information on different types of gears. I had to do a speech about gears. Thought it might be useful for someone else.

tively called gearing. Now, however, the word gearing is used only to describe systems of wheels or cylinders with meshing teeth. Gearing is chiefly used to transmit rotating motion, but can, with sui ...

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Reaction between HCl and Marble Chips

yte affects the current that can be passed through itApparatus: Electrodes,Beaker,Lab PackMeasuring CylindersWiresMaterials: Hydrochloric acid (HCl),WaterDiagram:Prediction: I believe that as the conc ...

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Reactions between HCL and Marble chips

ical flask. A piece of delivery tube, this carries the gas to the measuring cylinder. Two measuring cylinders, one to measure the amount of acid and water to make my acid concentrations, and the other ...

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The Building Blocks of Biology

t, carbon atoms are represented by gray spheres, white spheres represent the hydrogen atoms and the cylinders represent the bonds. The model is enveloped in a mesh representation of the molecular surf ... nter), the light-blue spheres represent carbon atoms, the white spheres are hydrogen atoms, and the cylinders in between the atoms correspond to single-bonds.Most molecules are much too small to be se ...

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Japnese art before 1392

he top the hills were placed ceramic works of sculpture called haniwa. The first haniwa were simple cylinders that may have held jars with ceremonial offerings. Gradually these cylinders came to be ma ... pose haniwa served. The popular belief that they were tomb guardians is weakened by their origin as cylinders and by the mundane subjects they portray. Indeed, they seem to represent every aspect of K ...

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