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The Lure of Professional Leagues

ng like the athletes who are the professional leagues. Look atEmmit Smith, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys. A person cannot go into a mall inAmerica where his jersey is not sold. Both little c ...

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When I was a Kid

wman in Cool Hand Luke, The Fonz in Happy Days, or Roger Staubach throwing a touchdown pass for the Dallas Cowboys. I was all of these people and more, rarely catching fish, but always fishing.Back at ...

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Merchandising in sports marketing.

s in the NFL are able to run the spectrum of products carrying their respective logos on them, from Dallas Cowboys mouse pads to a Donavon McNabb Philadelphia Eagles jersey. Basically everything you c ... in terms of apparel in 2001, nine of the top ten were playoff teams, with the only other being the Dallas Cowboys, traditionally the top selling team in sports merchandise. Another way of looking at ...

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"Meeting the Threat"You are the Director of security at a University and you are concerned with rioting at sports events. Come up with solutions.

school deal with the growing problem of sporting event violence.We see it constantly in the news. "Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl, fans riot in the streets in celebration." I have watched on many o ...

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es good players away from the team. That is the main reason why they can't good players to come the Dallas Cowboys. Players are scared to come because of the reputation they have with drugs and others ...

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Sporting Evolution

financial value. "The two most valuable sports franchises today are the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys ($274.3M) and English Premier League's (futbol) Manchester United (262.1M)"� ( ... , huge licensing deals with Nike, and logo merchandise ranging from cellular phones to ketchup. The Dallas Cowboys developed early on marketing ploys to increase attendance and viewership, by introduc ...

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ckets to a game. Where a customer would have no problem paying a lot for a winning team such as the Dallas Cowboys, if the team isn't winning, like the Browns, and the customers don't feel like they a ... worth the price of the tickets then sales will begin to decline. At the present time A ticket to a Dallas Cowboys game is between $40 and $65 and a ticket to a Cleveland Browns game is $25. This may ...

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Terrell Owens Suspension Arbitration

ertain philosophies shaped by management in an attempt to build an elite franchise.For example, the Dallas Cowboys are known as Americas Team due to immense popularity around the country. The Oakland ... ish but miscalculated repercussions of the salary cap. For example, large markets such as New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles could gain competitive advantage over small markets in Green Bay or Tampa by ...

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Money Well Spent? An analysis of if we as Americans spend too much money on professional sports using TV contracts, the influx of new stadiums and arenas, and the gambling on professional sports.

ly, plans are in the making for new football stadiums in Indianapolis, San Francisco, New York, and Dallas. When these stadiums are complete, it will mean that over half (18 of 32) of the NFL teams ha ... gnificant amount when one considers how costly these processes are. For example, the new stadium in Dallas is expected to cost about $650 million and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis will cost around ...

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Sherman Computer Repair

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Dream house

of Georgia and receive a Heisman trophy in 1982. It also encouraged him to play for teams like the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, and other National Football League teams. He was not diagno ...

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