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Synesthesia and Autism

Daniel Tammet is a rather unusual man. He can calculate immense sums in his head at lightning speed, ... speaks ten different languages, and has recited the number Pi to 22,514 decimal places. As a child, Daniel performed at a normal academic level, although socially he was completely oblivious to how on ... d had very slow social development, learning to make eye contact with others only at the age of 13. Daniel has Asperger’s syndrome, which explains his behavior in social situations; savantism, wh ...

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the gandhi

umbers have different structures. Improvements in this ability can make a person genius eventually. Daniel Tammet (Tammet, 2006) is also a very special case: He is an autistic synesthetic. He broke th ... creases the ability to absorb surrounding very easily. It can even make the person genius just like Daniel Tammet. However, the lack of information leads to depression, intimidated, or even suicidal t ...

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