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Slovak Republic

f Gerlachovský Shtít is 2 655 metres above sea level.The biggest river in Slovakia is Danube, but the Danube doesn't rise in Slovakia. The Danube rise's in Black Forest in Germany. The l ... y. The longest river is Váh. It is 390 kilometres long. The Váh later immanatite's to Danube and Danube to Black Sea.Slovakia's most developed industry is machine, metallurgic, chemical ...

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The Battle of Adrianople

the manpower crisis that resulted from the battle and the destruction of its arms factories by the Danube. The issue was finally resolved in 382 when Theodosius I, the new emperor, allowed the Goths ...

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About Bratislava - the capital of Slovak republic

About BratislavaThe pearl on the Danube is called our capital - Bratislava. It's a beautiful city situated in the south-west part of ... ovakia from Austria and Hungary.Bratislava is situated among the warmest places in Slovakia -in the Danube lowland. It offers a lot of opportunities how to use your free time. A lot of people e.g. goe ... t typical symbol of the capital is Bratislavský castle that towers 885 meters over the river Danube. If you see driving around the castle of the table-upside-down shape you can be sure, you are ...

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How I Met Myself(David A. Hill):After the ending...

rom Mother.We are happy family.My father told me about "doppelganger" when we took a walk along the Danube one afternoon.He told me with serious attitude,but in fact,I have known this for a long time. ...

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Attila, king of The Huns

hey approached the Black Sea and conquered the Ostrogoths, they also drove the Visigoths across the Danube into the Roman Empire and caused the crisis that led to the astounding defeat of the Roman ar ... Empire, they made a strong impression, but after their initial threats they settled down along the Danube, particularly in the Great Hungarian Plain, and for almost fifty years they served the Romans ...

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Terms and People -

ith neighboring peoples, the Magyars crossed the Carpathians and settled in the middle basin of the Danube River in the late 9th century, subjugating Slavs and other peoples there. Skilled and fierce ...

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The romanian warehouse: Gateway to success?

hallenge - together, as allies and partners - to build the bridges to the next millennium, from the Danube to the Potomac, from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean and beyond, wherever people believe i ...

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Information on The Danube River

Introductory FactsThe Danube is the second longest river in Europe behind the Volga and the only major European river to f ... any, and empties after 2850 km (1770 mi) in the Black Sea on the Romanian coast. Along its way, the Danube flows through nine countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, ... s: Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), and Belgrade (Serbia).Economic ImportanceThe waters of the Danube have served as a vital commercial highway between nations for centuries. The river is of grea ...

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Notes on the Roman Empire during Constantine, his successors and The decline of the Roman empire

a battle and Constans and Constantius divided the empire between them•Great armies of Gaul and Danube almost got demolished during a battle between Constantius and a usurper•Julian, the succ ...

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The World Travels On

h, Turkey and Greece to the south and the republics of the former Yugoslavia to the west. The lower Danube forms most of the frontier with Romania. The country's topography ranges from lowland plains ... ms most of the frontier with Romania. The country's topography ranges from lowland plains along the Danube to rugged mountains running from west to east across the centre.Almost 70 per cent of the cou ...

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History of Ship Building

during battle, and guns were used later on. In addition, galleys were used for sailing on the river Danube.7.Caravel: Caravel was type of vessel that was wide-spread between 12th and 16th century. It ...

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