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The story is about a young man who is abusive towards his wife, and how she rebounds.

ead of the cheerleading team. I had golden blond hair that went down to the middle of my back, with dark blue eyes and full pouting lips that always were covered with the shade of raspberry wine and g ... Kyle was head of the football team. The most popular guy in the school. He had a full head of short dark brown hair that was slightly spiked in the front, deep green eyes, and a nicely shaped face. Hi ...

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Private Novel Assessments "The Dead of the Night" By John Marsden

ciated it and returned the care they gave her.Main Physical Traits: Ellie is about 5 foot tall, has dark brown hair, is slim and has a light complexion.Favourite Sayings: -Main Interests: Ellie likes ...

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False Love part 1

of the mirror. "What's wrong with me? Why did he just leave like that?" Heather started to comb her dark brown hair. She stared at herself in the mirror. She was very beautiful. She had dark brown eye ... self in the mirror. She was very beautiful. She had dark brown eyes, pale skin, small red lips, and dark brown hair that reached her nipples."Heather, you got a phone call." It was her mother. "OK, mo ...

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A Vampire story part 2

t brown hair that reached passed half her back, light brown eyes, and eye lashes that were long and dark, Jennifer was a little darker than Hanna. Hanna was proud to have her as her younger sister. Je ... took a quick glance at her self in the mirror by the living room. Hanna was 17, she was 5'5" , with dark brown hair that reached a few inches passed her shoulders, dark chocolate brown that sometimes ...

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Personal Letters

ntion a problem with one of the products.On Wednesday, May 21, at the hair supply store, I bought a dark brown hair dye. After using it that evening, it turned my hair blonde. It also turned my hair g ...

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Brothers and sisters

of a surprise, considering the amount of heartburn I had. What was a surprise was that Matthew had dark brown hair. I had expected him to have blonde hair, because everyone in my husband's family has ...

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The Choloe And The Rose

ittle shy to admit it to you. I love everything about you such as your light honey brown eyes, your dark brown hair, and your pretty smile, the way you're loyal, but yet shy, and last but not least yo ...

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My Hero

face.Her name is Suzanne Gibbons, she was born on March 28, 1960 in Birmingham, Alabama. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. My mom is tall and thin. She is very athletic, she runs a mile every ...

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Infant Observation

Infant Observation On Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002, Lauren an African American, dark brown hair, brown eyed girl was one of the infants that our class observed. Lauren was born on ...

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Compartment Car By Hayley Walker This piece of text is based on the picture "Compartment car" by Edward Hopper. I used his picture to depict a story of the girl in the compartment.

if those two weeks were the entirety of my life. I was first sent there to meet John; six foot two, dark brown hair and my brother. This was new information to me at that time and to his knowledge I d ... wn here now!" the young lady walks off and with her, her curls bounce along. A young, tall man with dark brown hair steps into the hallway. "Can I help?" A surprisingly deep voice says. And there it w ...

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The Life and Struggles of a Roman Farmer

elp that we could possibly get. Unlike Romus, Adobis was quite a big figure. He had brown eyes with dark brown hair but was quite nervous for no particular reason for most of the time.While Romus was ...

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