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"Losing Focus of a Rebellion" Assignment: Revolting literature is full of rebellions, can a person loose site of its purpose?

l de Rohan to the queen and all the great figures of the court during the Diamond Necklace Affair" (Darton, High Enlightenment 36). Morande did expose the corrupt regime, but how did writing about sex ... oney, both by exploiting the market for sensationalism and by blackmailing the persons he libeled" (Darton, High Enlightenment 34). The Grub Street writers, caught up in their own injustice, were rebe ...

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Mimetic Violence in The Red and the Black

d's definition of it leaves no place for its beginning.Kirwan, Michael. Discovering Girard. London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 2004. Print.Moncrieff, C. K.. The red and the black. New York: Heritage Pr ...

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