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Computers and Privacy

revealed only as we decide to release them and that the facts are correct. Privacy is about massive databases, identity theft, and the access to information.The use of IT systems for many data handlin ... that there is unprecedented opportunity for organisations and individuals to search for and collect data about you.The use of data processing for marketing is extremely widespread. Companies collect, ...

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UK Data Protection Act 1998 .

Data protection Act 1998Data protection act was revised in 1998 and was put into force in March of 2 ... 2002.Purpose of Act"To protect the rights of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data by either automatic means or within relevant filing systems"Main stakeholders are:*Data subject ... within relevant filing systems"Main stakeholders are:*Data subject*Data controller*Data commissionerData commissioner duties - Richard Thomas*promoting good information handling*encouragement of codes ...

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How important is privacy in the on-line world and how can companies face the challenge of privacy violation?

, and whether someone has different privacy protection needs on-line or off-line. Companies develop databases of customer information and practice customerized marketing, and the same time new ways of ... s and, new technology enables them to further customerize their products and learn more about them, data protection is the big question and the big challenge in the on-line world for companies and ind ...

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Outline of the Data protection act and it's implications within IT.

Legal Aspects of Computing - Data ProtectionComputerisation has revolutionised the handling and processing of information to such ... r commodity. Also increasing use of the Internet, has resulted in a profligate transfer of personal data which may or may not be for commercial purposes. As with all technological advances, the benefi ... s. They use this to send me marketing information. Is there anything wrong with this?Development of data protection legislation (Bott et al., 2001)Report of Younger Committee on Privacy, Cmnd 5012Whit ...

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Managing Information

ly my understanding of the importance of effective handling of information whilst using examples of data collection, gathered within my workplace, to analyse my methods for recording and processing in ... ng information.2.0IMPORTANCE OF MANAGING INFORMATION WITHIN MY ROLEThe collection and management of data and information is an extremely important and a key responsibility within my role. This is reli ...

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Why is privacy probably one of the most difficult ethical area for journalists to define?

public had a right to know if their princess was at risk.Another safeguard under common law is the Data Protection Act. The 1998 Data Protection Act came into effect on March 1 2000 extends the data ... 98 Data Protection Act came into effect on March 1 2000 extends the data protection laws to indexed data stored on computer as well as manually. This is a very complex area of law and journalists are ...

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Research and Describe the role of the Data Protection Legislation

Contents PageThe context of the page Page numberIntroduction 3Describe the Data protection legislation and 4 - 6what does it mean for the website?Data Protection Report· ... does it mean for the website?Data Protection Report· Who controls Data protection? 7· Data Protection legislation 8Bibliography 9IntroductionIn this assignment I have been asked to under ... been asked to undertake a project, which means that I have to research and describe the role of the data protection legislations for companies. The assignment scenario is as follows:-Your new business ...

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Legislation that Govern the Computing Profession

he attention of people involved in the computing world. These were things such as people's personal data accessed against their will, software copyright theft and various offensive or unlawful materia ... and made several legislations to be followed when using computers. These were things such as: -The Data Protection ActThe Computer Misuse ActSoftware Copyright LawsThe Defamation ActThe Obscene Publi ...

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Discuss the importance of confidentiality

Convention on Human Rights which is now incorporated in UK law by the Human Right Act 1998, and the Data Protection Act 1998 ( DPA, 1998 ). The author of this essay believes that confidentiality is a ... ition, the person responsible could also face charges under the Human Rights Act 1998 and under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA,98 ).A breach of confidentiality is likely to breach the UK's obligati ...

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Impact of Technology

ut consent. A cookie is not illegal and is broadly used today as a Marketing tool. According to the Data Protection Act, it is illegal if it is stored without the permission of the person that the coo ... permission of the person that the cookie is referring to. Many companies pay less attention to the Data Protection Act rules about the cookies since it is difficult to prove guilt and constantly keep ...

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media law on privacy

re, for instance, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Data Protection Act 1998, Interception of Communications Act 1985, Press Complaints Commission Codes ... uardian Newspapers Ltd. Furthermore, remedies for breach of confidence are well supplemented by the Data Protection Act 1998 as declared in the preamble of EU Council Directive 95/46.Nowadays, althoug ...

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Confidentiality as an Aspect of the Nmc Code of Conduct. (Nursing)

identiality as stated in the NMC Advices sheet about Confidentiality. These are just a few of a lot:Data Protection Act, 1998.Access to health records,1990.Computer Misuse Act, 1990. Human Rights Act, ... intain maximum security of keeping, storing, using, patient's confidential information and personal data. It contains sixteen recommendations about the way of handling information safely and correctly ...

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Personal Information Handling Policy Statement for a Managing Research and Information Task

This policy covers all standards and procedures consisting of 'Processing and Controlling' personal data, staff understanding their roles and responsibilities, staff training, following the Health and ... alth and Safety policy during beauty treatments, monitoring and reviewing individuals and the eight data principles that governs all use of personal information which the Spa must comply unless an exe ...

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