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Personal Identity, piece of diary

Dear DiaryToday in class we had a brief discussion of what personal identity is. I didn't get a chan ...

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Egypt in 2528 B.C.

Dear diary,It was a very stressing day for me. I am a slave building King Khufu's pyramid. The slave ...

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Robespierre describing his friend's life in Egypt and France.

Dear Diary,Today has been quite stressful. I had to look over my case before going to court tomorrow ...

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Diary Accounts on Trench Conditions in World War 1.

Trench Diary Assignment5th August 1914Dear Diary,I think I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself, I was born in 1889, in Londo ... , 'don't worry' I told myself 'you'll be back; it shouldn't take long, not at all...'7th August 1914Dear Diary,My great adventure starts right now. Our journey to France was quite interesting, so many ... the enemy. The thought of being able to use a gun for the good made me feel good.SsJanuary 20th 1916Dear Diary,Two years on and I'm still here, surely I'm in a nightmare which I would rather end right ...

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Juliet capulet diary

Day 1Dear Diary,The most amazing and magical thing happened to me today at the masquerade! I believe I am ... and I had to go. He proposed. I really had to go, so I said goodnight, an unwilling goodnight.Day 2Dear Diary,My husband is banished, and my dearest cousin, Tybalt, is dead. I feel nothing but sorrow ... g the problem. But how should I do it? I need guidance. What should I do? Oh, what should I do?Day 3Dear Diary,I have never felt so miserable in my life. I spent the night with Romeo and he parted wit ...

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Diary Entry as a Jewish Child During Hitler's reign

Dear Diary, 9/23/1938Germany has been under a new rule by Adolph Hitler lately, and it has been pure ...

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Diary Entries of Napoleon Bonaparte

Diary Entries of Napoleon BonaparteNovember 25, 1799Dear Diary,I, Napoleon Bonaparte, have finally succeeded! I have become the new strong leader of Fra ... go against such a man as me already treated a hero by the majority? They dare not...January 7, 1800Dear Diary,Everything seems to be going perfectly well. It is my world! As I have expected, people a ... e these poor soles who do need a ruler to rule them all and give them peace and order.March 16, 1804Dear Diary,I have been crowned the emperor of France! I am no more just the General Napoleon Bonapar ...

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DiaryDear DiaryAs I opened my eyes there it was a big green longhaired thing its eyes were as golden as t ...

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Thoughts and feelings of Mr dacy and Elizabeth after receiving the letter of proposal.

Dear DiaryAll my life I have been waiting for my prince, my soul-mate. Of all people I didn't expect ... ere was no joy in her voice. I kept looking at her beautiful face, why was this woman who I love so dearly making me so angry? Why was I being rejected? Elizabeth soon put me straight when I asked her ... words and the commotion of tonight. I never knew she felt so strongly against me. I write to you my dear sister for help, what am I suppose to do now with a broken heart?Yours sincerelyFitzwilliam Darcy

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Area of Study - Change Write a journal entry about a point in time when you were conscious of your changing self.

Dear Diary, Today I noticed just how much I have changed in the last four years. It's amazing ...

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'Of Mice and Men'- Re-cap of chapter 3. Discribe Curley's range of thoughts and and feelings as the encounter develops.

Dear Diary,Today as usual, I was looking for my goddamned, son- of- a- bitch wife. As I normally do, ...

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"A series of unfortunate events: The Ersatz Elevator" by Lemony Snicket diary of klaus

nfortunate Events: The Ersatz ElevatorLemony Snicket259 PagesCopyrighted in 2001Klaus's Diary3/31/01Dear Diary, Today I arrived at the Squalor's apartment, which is located on Dark Avenue. My c ... nt building. I'm so exhausted that I don't feel like I can write anymore. Let's call it a day.4/2/01Dear Diary, Earlier today my sisters and I searched the Squalor's apartment for Count ...

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An extract from Blanches diary; a creative text based on the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

o be overviewed and correct if one wishes to use the essay.Actual textproduction:Sunday, May 5, 1933Dear DiaryI have met the most amazing man. He is not like others, not like the boy I have met earlie ... orning. If all goes well... If all goes well I might even get married soonWednesday, August 19, 1934Dear Diary!Mother is completely unreasonable. She refuses to let me marry Alan. She says I am too yo ...

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Dear diary

Dear diary,My day is no different than any other, with the only difference being what my imagination ...

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Ty Cobb Diary

June 18, 1901: Dear Diary, The starting shortstop for the Reds was injured so the Reds called me up from the Romper ... d I would be their starting shortstop and never have to play for the Rompers again.August 10, 1905: Dear Diary, I just arrived in Royston, Georgia to hear that father was dead from a shotgun blast and ... rmined to play to perfection with the Detroit Tigers and to be the best of the best.March 10, 1908: Dear Diary, After receiving my contract from Navin, the Detroit Tigers manager, for $3,000 I refused ...

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Diary entries by a bilingual person, good sides and bad sides

Dear Diary,21.4We got our Finnish tests back today. I got a 2!! It's so annoying, it doesn't matter ... e language thoroughly than speak two languages so that I can't call either of them my mother tongue.Dear Diary,28.4Granny Julie just phoned! She wants me to go over to her house in the summer. That's ... y grade average down so much! And it's absolutely no consolation that I get to skip English lessons.Dear Diary,12.5Mum and dad had a fight today. I don't understand why they always have to pull me in ...

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Paris Is Amazing

Dear diaryParis is amazing!I've had the most brilliant day and I can't wait to share it with you.The ...

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World War I - Trench Diaries

9th November 1914Dear Diary,Life has never been so hard; in fact the only thing keeping me going is my wife Jane, bac ... e like? Freddie says he doesn't think about it, better that way he says, he's right.Tony5th May 1915Dear Diary,It seems everyday is worse than the day before it; today we were gas attacked. I imagine ... d, biscuits and coffeeDefend / lookout / attackSleep- on emergency alert if neededTony18th June 1916Dear Diary,We are close to the Somme River and the famous General Haig is hopefully going to lead us ...

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Lady Macbeth Journals

Wednesday 13 April, 1789Dear diary,Scotland has won. I am ever so proud of my birth ground. My dearest beloved, Macbeth you ... to help me. I cast the wickedness and treachery inside but I shall show no evidence on the out. My dearest is to help me with the deed; he has done plenty of these eliminations before me,From a madly ... eliminations before me,From a madly in love, proud and excited Lady Macbeth.Saturday 16 April, 1789Dear Diary,It is done. But I am not the cold blooded slaughterer. I was not able to bring myself to ...

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"The Crucible": Journal Project – John Proctor - Journal 1

Dear Diary:Today I am very upset with myself because my wife Elizabeth has found out about my affair ...

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