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Land registration act 1925 and its influence.

ecause of this system of registration prospective buyers need not go through reading the bundles of deeds which some time obtained by means of falsification. Before 1925 act it was a burdensome job to ... fore buying the land. In some cases due to loss or theft it becomes impossible to obtain the actual deeds. This makes to work on broken chain of information about the property. Reading and understatin ...

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The way we do the things we do.

rowfully something that is rarely done. What is seen is more important than the intent to do a good deed. In today's world, the acts we perform determine our social status in our communities because p ... say or do next so that we can become a part of something that seems so much bigger than us. No good deed goes unnoticed and we do not want to be looked over either. We lend an ear as we are little by ...

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This is an example of an Deed of Partnership...this type of partnership may be needed when a partnership is formed to prevent dispute between partners

Deed of PartnershipThis deed of partnership is made on 19th of November 2003Business: Lighting Carwa ... e ClauseThe partners agree that they become and remain partners on the terms and conditions on this deed and the Partnership act 1890 will apply unless stated by the deedCapital ContributionMr. Jazwin ... ited liability of the business. Mr. Sharp will get 25% of the profit made.EXECUTED BY PARTNERS AS A DEED ON 19th November 2003______________________ _______________________________________________PETE ...

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Doing Good vs. Helping

Doing good deeds for people does not always lead to beneficial results. Even if something is done with good int ... it can backfire and actually cause damage. There is a large dependency on what the person doing the deed sees as good. Also, deeds done with good intentions do not always result in wholly good outcome ... revent something better that would have otherwise occurred.When a person tries to help another, the deed that is done might only appear beneficial to the person trying to be generous. For example, whe ...

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Mortgage Law - MORT-Dead GAGE-Pledge

and interest of which payment is secured for the time being are called the mortgage-money.MORTGAGE DEED: The instrument (if any) by which the transfer is effected is called a mortgage-deed.References ... secured is one hundred rupees or upwards, a mortgage otherwise than a mortgage by deposit by title deeds can be effected only by a registered instrument signed by the mortgagor and attested by at lea ...

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Real and Intellectual Property

is intangible each property submits to dissimilar authentication. Whereas real property requires a deed or title, intellectual property may require registration. Therefore, even the extent to which e ... he land and effects of the land. Furthermore, an individual becomes owner upon the acquisition of a deed and/or title. However, owning real property does not warranty the total protection or permanenc ...

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Sample Khutba

ght us that Allah Almighty does not look at our appearances, instead He looks at our hearts and our deeds. So the heart is the concern of Allah, and if the heart is unstained and pure, then the body w ... prove your actions for Allah to accept. The Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam said, The reward of deeds is dependant on your intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has ...

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Heroes Journey

elf and can show others that obstacles can be overcome. Campbell follows by telling us about deeds that heroes perform. "One is a physical deed . . . the other kind is the spiritual deed." ...

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another telecommunication provider in which existing agreement is to be terminated; but a separate deed is executed in which shows that Kooee is entitled to collect and retain outstanding debts, in r ... um to Primus. Primus brought against Kooee in relation to calculation of various payments under the deed. Which Einstein J gives judgment to Primus in an amount of $2,647,832 and ordering Kooee to pay ...

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Problem Formulation and Identification

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ed as mortgages by equity, which are not so recognised by common law for example a deposit of title deeds may give rise to an equitable mortgage in appropriate circumstances, so will a charge or mortg ... ions may give rise to equitable mortgages. An equitable mortgage may be created by deposit of title deeds by the owner of the property to which the deeds relate with the intention that the document be ...

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