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Street Ball

ng creative. When I make up a new move I can't wait to try it on someone to see if it will shake my defender. A great example of street ballers are the AND 1 players because they are pushing street ba ... ack.One reason I love street ball is because of the moves. The motive of these moves is to leave my defender feeling dumbfounded while I'm driving to the hole for a dunk or lay-up. There is not better ...

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Craddock Cup Case

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Pe Coursework

ight hand side of the basket- the right hand) (left hand side- left hand)- meaning ball is far from defender, who will be attempting to get inside him for ease of steal- by staying outside you reduce ... ht side- right foot then left)- this means as he springs up, his inside leg acts as a shield to the defender- closes the body off and makes it harder for the them to reach across the body, increasing ...

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