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Greek Mythology. The Ancient Gods.

tions." These are words that even humans today should take to heart. The Greeks believed in manlike deities as well, whom were capable of spite, favoritism, and jealousy. The only difference being the ...

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aves continued to perform their rituals in private. They transposed Catholic saints onto the tribal deities, called loa, to please their owners. Instead of hindering the faith of the slaves, the incor ...

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The Buddha's Four Noble Truths - A Logical Basis for a Philosophy

ly called a religion; however, it differs from the usual definition of a religion in that it has no deities, does not promote worship of demigods, and is based on logical reasoning and observation rat ...

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Pallas Athene versus Minerva. Speaks of the differences

on from the Italians (whoderived their beliefs from the Greeks), and therefore most of the myths of deities were the same as the Greeks', but with a few changes. The Italians also gave the Romans stor ...

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Greek Mythology, an integral part of the lives of all ancient peoples

entrenched in the consciousness ofWestern civilization.The myths were accounts of the lives of the deities whom the Greeks worshipped. TheGreeks had many deities, including 12 principal ones, who liv ... art of persuasion, so Hermes was promoted to god of oratory.Last but not least of the 12 principal deities was the beautiful Aphrodite, goddess of love,who rose naked out of the sea. Her tour de forc ...

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Maya Creation

heavenly bodies passed when out of sight. All around her were the spirits of rain and thunder. The deities of the food plants and animals attended her. All nature was alive and it was constantly dyin ... influenced other cultures (Harrison 'History of Latin America' Grolier).The Mayans worshiped peace deities (Matthews 45). They also worshiped a creator who lived beyond the sky, and believed it was m ...

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ceticism, and abstract and profound theological systems or esoteric doctrines. The worship of local deities does not exclude the belief in pan-Indian higher gods or even in a single high God. Such loc ... us worship Shiva, Vishnu, or the Goddess (Devi), but they also worship hundreds of additional minor deities peculiar to a particular village or even to a particular family. Although Hindus believe and ...

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Description of several major characters in Norse (Scandanavian) Mythology, including Woden and Thor, and a brief look at the Ragnarok (end of the world).

reas. Many beliefs were totally different from one town to the next, but they do share several main deities. Though worship of these may have varied as well, the main idea behind these major gods rema ...

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About the Ancient Egyptian Religion and personal thoughts on how it compares to our lives today.

s, but also as a stairway into the heavens.As with most other religions, the Egyptians had immortal deities to watch over them. Their human and celestial forms were painted in tombs, along with prayer ... uch as Rameses III and Amenhotep II. Known as the Divine Mother, she was the most sacred of all the deities because of her eternal love and devotion to all creatures of the world. Even today you can s ...

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The Wicca Religion

One Power is inside everything and everyone. It is interesting to note that Wicca incorporates the deities of many cultures, past and present. Wiccans believe that the Gods worshipped by all peoples ... y of the world's diverse pantheons, whose stories are particularly inspiring to them, and use those deities as a focus for personal devotions. Some covens may worship primarily a female Goddess; there ...

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How Egyptian and Greek culture is reflected through their respective mythology

stories. This separation must occur to allow the development of the offspring of the earth and sky deities; the influence on these two myth stories is clearly seen on how the ancient cultures perceiv ... ave a profound impact on the pantheons of both the Greek and Egyptian mythology. Both of the female deities had to use manipulation and cunning to allow the birth of her children. In the Egyptian vers ...

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The Apology: the accusations against Socrates leading to his death.

h Socrates does not deny the existence of such gods, they accuse him of impiety for introducing new deities into the city that the city refuses to recognize.Socrates is unlike the Pre-Socratic Philoso ...

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Evolution vs. Religion.

pearance of a new species. This process occurred without the intervention of supernatural forces or deities. Nearly all-modern scientists who are not Evangelical Christians believe in evolution.Biblic ...

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Hinduism - basic knowledge of Hinduism.

belief: karma, dharma, reincarnation, all-pervasive Divinity, temple worship, sacraments, manifold Deities, the many yogas, the guru-nishya tradition and a reliance on the Vedas as scriptural authori ...

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Little info on myths and legends in the ancient Egyptian Society.

to the tears Isis shed for Osiris.Egyptians believed that by leaving small bronze figures of their deities at temples or funeral sites, they would attract the deity being represented. They also thoug ...

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Trace the development of the temple from an individual building to one of many in a sanctuary complex

to priests and it housed the statue of the god/goddess. An altar, where sacrifices would be made to deities was placed outside of a temple so that many people could see and that the smoke would drift ... the Erechtheum, which takes its name from Erechtheus, a hero. This temple was dedicated to several deities, including Athena and Poseidon, and housed the Athenians' most sacred statue, a wooden image ...

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Who was Linus?

ultures and different regions. This often led to some misunderstandings and confusion about certain deities and practices. These misunderstandings sometimes opened doors to new ideas and new dimension ...

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Divine Justice in Genesis and Oedipus

justice affects the individual who has sinned, the people as a whole, and the relationship between deities and humans.Divine justice in Genesis and Oedipus has a great affect on the lives of the indi ... bris.?In the Book of Genesis and Oedipus divine justice affects how strong the relationship between deities and humans is. In The Book of Genesis the relationship between God and human beings is stron ...

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Religions of the World: Brief description of aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

duism has commonly been viewed in the west as a polytheistic religion - one which worships multiple deities: gods and goddesses. Although it has been viewed by some as a monotheistic religion, because ...

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Evidence for religion of the minoan.

fs and that they were polytheistic. This is evidenced by the figurines and seals discovered bearing deities such as the snake goddess, the goddess of vegetaion and 'Mistress of the Animals'. Gold sign ... vered holes and rocky fissures and historians conclude that this is how the earth gods and chthonic deities received offerings. Sistrums, religious pottery rattles were also used. At the palace at Zak ...

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