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Organizaional Ethics - A theoretical Exploration

ok to consequentialism and always consider the outcome of a particular action, or conform to a more deontological form of ethical thinking and focus on always acting in a manner that seems 'right', I ...

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The Music Fans vs. The Music Industry

Is downloading songs off of Napster morally acceptable?I. UtilitarianismII. DeontologicalThe court ruling violates Napsters First Amendment right of free speech. An order ...

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Subjects: Social Science Essays Was it immoral for Mary Bailey to represent her company as she did?

my point by analyzing her actions with two moral decision-making theories: The Utilitarian and The Deontological. This paper will provide facts and opinions from several different reports and write-u ... ople start being unethical and immoral the day before they decided to do their much larger misdeeds.Deontological Mary Bailey's sole reasoning for misrepresenting her company was to sell an ide ...

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Monitoring.... Not Spying (Reading employees emails and monitoring websites)

, I believe it is morally acceptable for an employer to read his or her employers email. One of the deontological issues concerning this is privacy of personal communication and the strongest utilitar ... cent of those employers didn't notify employees that the monitoring was going on (Glave, 1999). The deontological issue concerning privacy pf personal communication could be solved by simply notifying ...

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Can They Really Ask For Your Urine?

ve the right to violate an employee's privacy. On the other hand, individuals that subscribe to the deontological form of ethics would argue that the safety of customers and other employees outweighs ...

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Affirmative Action in Medical Schools is a Must

iversification in medicine is absolutely vital to the health of the U.S. medical system. One of the deontological considerations of affirmative action in medical schools is that, according to the Four ... cording to Powell, race could be considered a "plus" for a particular applicant (Lakhan, 2003). The deontological views consider things such as Executive Order 10,925, which introduced the term "affir ...

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Th Doctrine of Double Effect: Consequentialism

ever morally permissible to use people as a means to one's end. Warren Quinn attempts to present a deontological way of viewing the Doctrine of Double Effect. The configuration of Doctrine of Double ... st be guided above all by adherence to clear principles. Thomas Nagel suggest that the core idea in deontological thinking is the Doctrine of Double Effect and the innermost idea is one ought not in o ...

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A moral conflict

munity. On the other hand, most of their work may not conform with the utilitarian standards or the deontological attitude (the principle that holds that means is valuable than the ends) since they ar ... ot valid.Secondly, indicting the innocent opposes my creed, the utilitarian standard as well as the deontological ideology. The scripture warns every Christian against prosecuting the innocent since t ...

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Affirmative Action.

on, should affirmative action be allowed in medical school, and I will show how the utilitarian and deontological view can affect ones opinion.I was raised to give everyone a fair chance. I would also ... hared with the majority could be used to better serve potential patients.I will be looking into the deontological point of view to answer the question, should affirmative action be allowed in the medi ...

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French beans

ort issues will be made through the utilitarian ethic and the counter arguments will be done by the deontological ethic and at the end the report will be drawing conclusions and setting down recommend ... hdraw the product.2.0 Argument against French BeansThis side of the argument will be done using the deontological ethic.2.1.1 Home grown vegetablesThis can be explained in the following quote "The dis ...

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Case Analysis - Public Health vs. Privacy Rights, in Neonatal HIV Testing

ally justified in his actions by using three tests: 1) the consequentalist/utilitarian test, 2) the deontological test, and 3) the Supreme Court's Three-Pronged Test.The utilitarian test, as follows w ... t also consider the impact that this could have on his career if he is found to be in the wrong.The Deontological Test is most easily expressed as considering the consequences of an action such that p ...

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Should Harry Stonecipher have been forced to resign from Boeing?

should Mr. Stonecipher have been forced to resign? By carefully examination of the utilitarian and deontological issues of the case, it will be blatantly obvious that Mr. Stonecipher was unfairly ask ...

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action

women and minorities as well as the concept of Diversity Management. We will also address both the deontological and utilitarian considerations concerning the DVAAP and similar Affirmative Action Pro ... mandating the inclusion of certain groups (Gilbert, Stead & Ivancevich). Now let us move to the deontological and utilitarian considerations surrounding the issues of the DVAAP and other Affirmati ...

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Patricia Dunn from HP

anization. However, when facing such challenges, we must take in consideration all ethical factors, deontological and utilitarianism.Utilitarian Aspect of informational privacy for Employers:It is imp ... mpany. The consequences to him resulted in jeopardizing his position and been remove by shareholder.Deontological aspects of informational privacy for employers:HP has the duties to protect his employ ...

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Superman Ethics and Relevenance to the modern day society

h a "Saturday Morning Cartoon" of Superman. This Superman cartoon is a representation of Superman's Deontological views and gives us a clear glimpse into what makes the Man of Steel tick. Superman hol ...

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