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lice force, whether its back in the old days ("Gangs of New York" 2002) or set in the present ("The Departed" 2006).Style:Scorsese's style is usually very dark yet alluring at the same time. Many of h ... for every other movie? For example Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main role in "Shutter Island", "The Departed", "Gangs of New York", "The Aviator" etc. other frequent actors include: Joe Pesci, Robert ...

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Raging Bully: The Career of Martin Scorsese

age unmatched by any of his contemporaries. The films of his I am most interested in are: Hugo, The Departed, Raging Bull and Goodfellas. Besides the charming tale of Hugo, all of these films have som ... of film genres for Scorsese. He has returned to his filmmaking roots with the 2006 crime drama The Departed, but he has also done a children's movie (Hugo), a horror movie (Shutter Island) and a Beat ...

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