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The Design of a Psychological Experiment

to hit a baseball. Describe your experiment by answering the following questions:1) What are the independent and dependent variables?The independent variable would be the caffeine. The results of the ... t variable would be the caffeine. The results of the students' hitting of the baseball would be the dependent variable.2) What are the experimental conditions and what are the tasks for the experiment ...

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Research definitions.

Research definitionsVariable -that, which varies, or is subject to change.Independent Variable -the experimental variable or variable that is manipulated by the research and ha ... he experimental variable or variable that is manipulated by the research and has some effect on the Dependent Variable. If there is a change or effect, we may conclude that affected the Independent Va ... If there is a change or effect, we may conclude that affected the Independent Variable affected the Dependent Variable.Dependent - we can define the dependent variable as the variable that is being me ...

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Will wearing makeup to work affect the amount of sales that I earn?

e makeup, I would get more sales and if I weren't to wear makeup, then I wouldn't have as many.My independent variable was wearing makeup, which was defined as foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, ... would remain constant. During each day of the experiment, I wore my hair in the same way as well.My dependent variable was the amount of sales I got measured in dollars. In the deli where I work, $1,0 ...

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The Effects Down syndrome has on Motor Skills

to a computer and a between groups analysis of variance will be run with age and treatment as the independent variables and motor skill function as the dependent variable. The study will show that you ... variable. Controlling race is important in making sure that cultural differences do not affect the dependent variable.MeasureThe dependent variable is motor skills. Motor skills will be measured by T ...

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An Investigation Into The Factors Affecting Osmosis

ar solutions.Variables involved:For this experiment I would expect to have 3 different variables, Independent, Dependent, and fixed variables, which all helps me to plan and explain the experiment tho ... he result of the potatoes when placed in sugar solutions placed in different molarities (strengths).Dependent Variable (things that you measure) the things that I'll be measuring in this experiment on ...

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Models of Behavior and Principles of Learning

ntal method differs from the correlational method.The experimental method is a manipulation of an independent variable to look for an effect on a dependent variable. That is, the experimental method i ... ariable. That is, the experimental method includes experiments to find the relationship between one dependent variable and one independent variable. Thus, the casual relationship between the dependent ...

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To investigate how concentration effects osmosis on potato chips.

mperature2) Water potential of potato initially3) Size of potato4) Light intensity5) Mass of potato dependent variable6) Volume of solution potato chip is in7) Type of potato8) Time left in solution9) ...

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Regression Analysis Paper ( the excel spreadsheet is not included)

ationship between sales and the amount spent advertising on Fox News.Perform regression analysisThe dependent variable is the value of the advertising of Fox News. The revenue spent for advertising, a ... of the advertising of Fox News. The revenue spent for advertising, and the revenue gained are the independent variables. The regression analysis performed by team STAT 5 will determine the correlation ...

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l examine if my hypothesis (above) is correct. In order to conduct this experiment I would choose a dependent variable as well as an independent one. The independent variable is the temperature at dif ... mperatures (around: 10˚, 20˚, 30˚, 40˚, 50˚, 60˚) will be applied.The dependent variable is the beetroot specimens identically selected.Control processBeetroot samples: T ...

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Correlation analysis

all subjects of interest.When we compare the correlation between two items, one item is called the 'dependent variable' and the other is 'independent variable'. The goal is to see if a change in the i ... nt variable'. The goal is to see if a change in the independent item will result in a change in the dependent item. In statistical terms, a hypothesis is a statement concerning the value of a populati ...

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Government 301 Assignment # 2

onal Hypothesis: Females are more likely to vote Democratic.C: Unit of Analysis: Individual levelD: Dependent Variable: Party voteE: Independent variable: GenderQuestion #2. 1.Interval 2. Ratio ... tervalQuestion # 3. Hypothesis 1:· Unit of Analysis: State-level· The Dependent Variable: Voter turn out rate· Independent Variable: The percentage of high ...

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Lab: Momentum.

is lost if the collision is not a fully elastic one through heat and sound.Variables: The Independent variable is the initial and final mass of the trolley. The Dependent variable is the veloc ...

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Lab: Specific heat capacity.

temperature since the water is exposed to the heatedwire for a longer period of time.Variables:The Dependent Variable is the temperature of the water, and since the Energy is calculated using tempera ...

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Grade A Lab Report on The Effects of Acid Rain with the Germination of Pea Plants Including 2 data charts.

experiment we are testing if acid rain effects the growth or germination of common pea seeds. The independent variable in this experiment is the replica of the acid rain (or the PH level), while the d ...

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Science fair Lab Report

riment is feasible in school settings, however it might be dangerous and requires particular care.Independent Variable: Door handlesDependent Variable: Amount of bacteriaControl Variables: Volume of a ... e a long time to record all the Petri dishes. We could maybe extend our experiment by adding more independent variables, using more door handles, or test nor only handles but other things, like keyboa ...

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Effects of social pressure on

the first group experienced positive social pressure and their first semester GPA's were used as a dependent variable. Those in the second group experienced negative social pressure. Meanwhile, stude ... ents in a third control group experienced no social pressure at all. Using a one way ANOVA of the independent variable, the experimenters found a significant difference in the GPA's of the students. A ...

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Pill Bugs Attraction to Colored Lights Introduction: This experiment was

green. The controlled group was the middle chamber. It got regular light from the classroom. The independent variable was four different colors of the lights. The dependent variable was the light the ... d information on your data table now.This is a controlled experiment because I control all of the independent variables and everything else there is in the experiment except the dependent variable.Num ...

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Enzymes (An Experiment)

tting the potatoes through the bender. The variables that played a role in this lab were the dependent variable which was the amount of formation of product and the independent variable which w ...

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Reporting Unethical Behavior

ios in which the respondent answered unethical. This was to rule out the testers being biased. "The dependent variable was whether the respondent offered a response that included informing an administ ...

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Gamma radiation Practical

ables:-Controlled - equipment, gamma ray source (Co-60), time in measuring count rate (1 minute),-Independent - distance (5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm)-Dependent - count rate (per second)The dependent variab ... m, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm)-Dependent - count rate (per second)The dependent variable is a result of the independent variable being changed, i.e. as a result of the distance changing the count rate will chan ...

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