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Bipolar Disorder

re malfunctions of a person's moods or emotions. Bipolar disorder was formally referred to as manic depression. Mood disorders, including bipolar disorder, are becoming one of the most pressing health ... sorder that causes severe mood swings. The disorder causes the person to have episodes of mania and depression; sometimes that have episodes with mixed symptoms. During the manic phase of the disorder ...

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The Freudian Revolution

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The Raven Research Paper

ness is a feeling in which people experience a strong sense of emptiness and solitude, resulting in depression and the cutting out of the surrounding world. This quotation applies to the main characte ... such as imagery, mood, and poetic devices to express the theme that guilt and loneliness results in depression.Mood is used in Poe's poem to support the quote. The opening line sets a mood of sadness ...

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Some Get More Addicted to their Smartphones

at would be considered an average amount. There are many factors that cause this. Some of these are depression, and boredom. Depression is a common condition that people experience when they do not ha ... r a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness". Studies show that unemployment and depression can result in vicious cycles of isolation. Unemployed individuals who are experiencing th ...

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