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net to the sun. It's average distance from the sun is approximately fifty-eight million km and it's diameter is 4875 km, making it the second smallest planet in our solar system. It's volume and mass ... shed into the planet's surface. The largest crater is called the Caloris Basin and it is 1400 km in diameter and is flooded with molten lava. Mercury also has many cliffs that are usually over 300 mil ...

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Instrumental History Of the Drums

m , which is used in American orchestras also, derivesits special sound from the size and shape and diameter of its bowl. Thisbowl is usually made of copper or fiberglass.Another primary drum is the s ...

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life, physical, and mental characteristics about Tetanus

ng bacteria with many things about you would notbelieve. One type of it is smaller than a fifth the diameter of a single strand ofhair yet it could kill any man only by producing 0.00025 grams of toxi ...

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A resistance Investigation

how the length of the wire affects the resistance of the wire.Investigation 2) To find out how the diameter of the wire affects the resistance of the wire.Prediction:Investigation 1) I predict that a ... tors Affecting Resistance:I think that the variables of the resistance are: The wire lengthThe wire diameterThe temperatureThe material of wireThe wire diameter affects the resistance because the area ...

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Osmosis and Diffusion Lab

, and how molecular size was a factor on it. The purpose was to see how easily molecules of smaller diameter, which were starch molecules, would pass through an artificial membrane, as opposed to how ... When the raisin was placed in distilled water, the outer covering became stretched, as the raisin's diameter increased.2. The Karo syrup did not cause a dramatic change in the raisin's outer covering ...

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Escherichia coli

ative, nonspore-forming straight rods, aerobic and facultative anaerobes, ranging from 1 to 2 mm in diameter and are from 3 to 10 mm in length. All species ferment glucose, which allows for a testing ...

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Surface Area to Volume Ratio and the Relation to the Rate of Diffusion.

need to diffuse through the cell membrane and into the cells. Most cells are no longer than 1mm in diameter because small cells enable nutrients and oxygen to diffuse into the cell quickly and allow ...

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Report on various types of contreception.

ansparent, flexible, thin ring that is inserted into the vagina by the user. It is about 5.08 cm in diameter and 4 mm thick. The ring is left in for 3 weeks or 4 weeks at a time. If worn for three wee ...

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A keychain sits on a desk in room F112.

pands 1.1 cm in length. Two rings that interlock arise from the top of the figure. The rings have a diameter of 1cm for the top ring and 5 mm for the bottom ring. Below the rings, a head, hair and a f ... the bottom ring. Below the rings, a head, hair and a face present themselves. The head spans 1cm in diameter. From the head sprouts wheat field blonde hair in pigtails. The pigtails fall to the should ...

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Information on how hail is formed. The process in which it is created.

ns during storms, although not all storms bring hail with them. Hailstones can be up to 5 inches in diameter. The colder it is the larger the hailstones can become.Hail is formed when rain drops withi ...

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mid-Wiltshire, England. Although it is composed of massive stones, it is still relatively small in diameter, measuring a meager 35 paces across, or about the size of the dome in St. Paul's Cathedral ...

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Lab report on Enterobacteriaceae and other Gram Negative Rods. Description of certain bacteria and tests used to identify them

ter freudndii.2.Escherichia.Escherichia consist of either singular or pairs of straight rods with a diameter of 1.1- 1.5mm and a length of 2.0-6.0 mm. In the majority of strains they have a capsule or ... athogens usually associated with wound infection.CitrobacterConsisting of straight rods they have a diameter of 1 mm and a length of 2-6 mm. They are found either singularly or in pairs and stain as g ...

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escription, most of the planets descriptions are dull unlike Venus. This sixth largest planet has a diameter of twelve thousand, one hundred, three, decimal, six kilometres (12, 103.6 km). The weight ...

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The Wonder of the Giant Sequoias

feet long, and branches 100 feet off the ground. Some of the largest trees measure 35 feet in basel diameter (the diameter as measured at the base of the tree). Giant Sequoias are among the most fire, ...

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Comets, meteors, and asteroids: their origin, properties, and geology

f frozen gases with particles of heavier substances interspersed throughout. This is a few miles in diameter. As it approaches the sun, a luminous "cloud" of dust and gases called the coma envelops th ...

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Resistance of a Wire

area of the wire in metres square and can be determined using the equation A= ??d2 where "d" is the diameter of the wire.If I plot a graph of length on the x-axis against resistance on the y-axis. Fro ... d corresponds to ?/A. Since the cross-sectional area of the wire can be found by knowing it´s diameter. Therefore the resistivity of nichrome can be calculated.?Diagram of the circuit used in th ...

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Planet Mercury

s the second smallest planet in the solar system; Pluto is the only planet that is smaller. Earth's diameter is about 7,200, while tiny Mercury has less than half of that size, about 3,000 miles in di ...

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Lord of The Flies Chapter 4-7 Q&A

handful of stones and began to throw them. Yet there was a space around Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw. Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. R ...

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Essay on Red Back Spiders

years to lay several batches of eggs. She spends much time producing up to ten round egg sacs (1cm diameter), which are white, weathering to brown over time. Each egg sac contains approximately 250 e ...

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Virtual Colonoscopy

ents. The traditional version is 100% accurate. This procedure was done on tumors 10 millimeters in diameter. Another test preformed was on tumors that were smaller then 6 millimeters. The results of ...

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