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Fat Burners, or Life Burners - A persuasive essay to discourage use of weight-loss pills

been fatally misguided by "miracle pills" that help them lose weight and suppress their appetites. Dietary supplements such as Stacker 3, Xenadrine, Metabolife, and hundreds more have been offered to ... of being overweight.Stacker 3, Xenadrine, and Metabolife each have one thing in common; these three dietary supplements each have ephedra/ephedrine. Ephedra/Ephedrine has been known to cause many mino ...

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This essay is about drinking and industrial work discipline. Drinking on the job was normal until the rise of industrialization in Europe, this essay explains why the change in attitude occured.

l was very much a part of workers' lives both at work and at home. Alcohol was a thirst quencher, a dietary supplement and a stimulant. Alcohol also played a social role in that it helped form bonds a ...

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The ability to look from macro to micro sociological perspectives from a personal expierence

und that a problem that is becoming more evident in our everyday lives is a growing us of dangerous supplements in teenage athletes.When I was thirteen I started in my first school sport. I became a w ... rring to dropping weight. At first the idea seemed absurd. The conversations with others about what supplements I was taking or not taking took place almost every day. As I spent more time conversing ...

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The rise in the new herbal remedy Glucosamine.

Glucosamine: A Safe and Successful Dietary Supplement?The effectiveness and safety of Glucosamine is a subject of both complexity and d ...

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Research paper on the dietary supplement Ephedra.

nerate calories like a long-distance runner? That's one of the many statements that manufactures of dietary products claim ephedra can do for someone. Ephedra is an herb which has been used in traditi ... e medicine for over 5,000 years and is considered the world's oldest medicine. Ephedra is used as a dietary supplement to help stimulate metabolism and suppress appetite. Over $16 billion spent annual ...

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Don't Trust the Labels: Be an Informed Consumer Uses the argument that nutritional supplements should undergo testing by the FDA, like any other drug, before they are put on the market.

manda Spake, nearly half of all Americans take, or have taken, some type of "performance enhancing" dietary supplement. American consumers spent nearly 31 billion dollars in 1999 on dietary supplement ... ally tested for safety and effectiveness before they are put on the market. No such rules exist for dietary supplements. There is no quality control. Amanda Spakepoints to recent findings:The Universi ...

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Ma Huang Paper about ephedra

as ephedra, is the plant most commonly used as a source of ephedra products. Ma huang is a popular dietary supplement in the United States and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine ... timulant that can boost your performance over others.In 1994, the United States Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosme ...

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ernment had no choice but to ban ephedra. This isthe first ban that the government has ever made on dietary supplements.When this drug was first introduced, many people were mislead to believe thateph ... dra is a stimulant that speeds up your heart rate and constricts blood vessels.The ban against this dietary supplement reveals how dumb some people are. Thegovernment has proved that this drug causes ...

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Ephedra: Keep it or Say goodbye to it?

y goodbye to it?What would you do if someone you loved was taken from you due to an ingredient in a dietary supplement? Would you become enraged? How bout angered? But at who? Who do you have to blame ... ho? Who do you have to blame for this unfortunate act of events? You can blame the producers of the dietary supplement, but where is that going to get you these days with the court system the way it i ...

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Ephedrine: Is it Worth it?

hedrine: Is it Worth it?A noticeable problem among weightlifters and fitness fanatics is the use of dietary supplements containing ephedrine. Among ephedrine's side effects are seizures, dizziness, in ... . So he began using Xenadrine, an over-the-counter drug containing ephedrine. Ephedrine is put into dietary supplements to support weight loss, improve athletic performance, and aid muscles from break ...

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Should Animals be used for experiments?

est whether their food was poisoned or not.Animals were also sacrificed for meat and as a source of dietary supplement, a practice that exists to this day. Even now pig valves are used as a substitute ...

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Dietary Supplement: Focus Factor.

Focus Factor is a dietary supplement that it's makers claim to support memory, alertness, focus, and concentration wit ... lzheimer's disease risk along with other therapeutic benefits . In another study titled, "Effect of Dietary Docosahexaenoic Acid and Catechins on Maze Behavior in Mice", Scientist Nobuya Shirai came t ...

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ences or cautions.Question two was a question from a reader who was interested in the effect of the dietary supplement called SAMe on depression. Any information or advice concerning osteoarthritis wa ...

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Should Creatine Be Allowed In College Athletics?

upply is gone, carbohydrates are then used in its place. Creatine is also a legal over-the-counter "dietary supplement" (creatine supplements). Ninety-five percent is found in skeletal muscle and the ... otential to Aid Muscular Disorders". Enviromental Nutrition. Vol. 22, Issue 10:7."Drugs and Herbs". Dietary Supplements. August 1999, Vol. 11, Issue 8:8 "Is creatine Safe?". Bicycling. November 1999. ...

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Are Dietary Supplements Really Safe?

inding their ?miracle cure?. It is estimated that more than half of all Americans take some type of dietary supplement. Currently, there are about 30,000 products marketed in the United States as diet ... ietary supplements, making the industry worth more than $17 billion per year. Despite the fact that dietary supplements have become big business, manufacturing standards for quality, potency and effec ...

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The FDA and Ephedra

edical products, blood products, radiation-emitting Technology, cosmetics, veterinary products, and dietary supplements. (2) With the FDA having all of these duties it is easy to see how some things m ... lla outbreaks. But one of the big problems it’s had over the past couple years is the topic of dietary supplements and if they should be monitored by the FDA.Ephedrine based supplements caught th ...

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Sports Nutrition and Supplements

etitions but at work as well.However, what happens when one does not have time to eat and relies on dietary supplement pills? Is there an unfair advantage gained by athletes who use dietary supplement ...

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Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing

, it is crucial to be responsible both ethically and socially. Some marketing tactics in the herbal supplement industry have been deplorable. This paper will explore some of the marketing tactics used ... This paper will explore some of the marketing tactics used by Quest for Life, Inc. for their herbal supplement Extenze. Since we can't trust some these marketing firms or departments within these busi ...

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Listening to a Health Experts

d that one is relying on someone else’s interpretation of idea. Hence a clerk in a nutritional supplement store may not have the training to think critically about the health information he is re ... ion he is receiving and would not be an excellent source for prescribing certain herbal remedies or supplements.In addition, it is particularly important in the health care field to have the most up-t ...

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Healthy Lifestyle Marketing Strategy

fat from meat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and other potentially harmful substances. Try to supplement diet with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and ... keReferencesAmerican Dietetic Association., J. Fiber: The Number One Supplement for Weight Control. Mar 8th 2010. ...

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