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Cybertechnology: will it lead to a more equal society?

with fellow citizens to design rules we want to live by' (Dyson, page 2)Margie Wylie, the editor of Digital Media, has a much less optimistic view, she claims that, 'far from offering a millennial new ... ). Sadie Plant argues that, 'women have not merely had a minor part to play in the emergence of the digital machines...women have been the simulators, assemblers and programmers of the digital machine ...

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Article Review

e expansion of synergistic marketing communication. It also discusses the emerging relation between digital media and synergistic marketing and how they manipulate the media into forcing their audienc ... e of these issues.Intended audience- The intended audience are scholars interested in the spread of digital marketing and the effect of synergistic marketing communication.Key points- The rise of syne ...

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