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"Islamic views of the United States"

que and that there is no better life anywhere else, this is called exceptionalism and universalism. Dinesh D'souza, the author of this article, believes that Americans need to have a cause in order to ... hatever they want and this is why they object to liberty. However, not all fundamentalists are bad. Dinesh D'souza said, "Even the fundamentalist Christians in the west are liberals", and that they ar ...

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The Electoral College

science, human can create humans without doing the natural way and this process is called cloning. Dinesh D'souza's article talked more about the advantages of cloning humans and how the society bene ... r hand, if it is used wisely, it is a great boon and a benevolent friend of man.WORKS CITEDD'Souza, Dinesh. "Staying Humam." The McGraw-Hill Reader. 12th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2014. 733-40. Print ...

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