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A Review of "The Outsiders Club" Screened on BBC 2 in October 96

ded to write a review on the social group known as The Outsiders. The group's main aim is to enable disabled adults to form personal relationships, including specifically sexual ones (Shakespeare 1996 ... ionships, including specifically sexual ones (Shakespeare 1996), either with each other or with non-disabled members. The group has been in existence for several years, and has attracted a great deal ...

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Canadian Public Policy and Administration - Employment Equity Act, a short paper evaluating the success of the Act.

ay those designated groups, underrepresented in the labour force include women, Aboriginal peoples, disabled people, and persons who are, because of their race or colour, is a visible minority in Cana ... ployment rates, lower participation rates and lower levels of education. 1981 census statistics for disabled person in the labour force were not readily available, however it has been suggested that w ...

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Cultural Communication and the Disabled.

Cultural Communication and the Disabled.Dawn O. Braithwaite and Charles A. Braithwaite's "Understanding Communication of Persons wi ... cation" makes a point that what ordinary people take for granted cannot be taken for granted by the disabled, and that this makes for difficulties in communication between them. Except for people who ... ulties in communication between them. Except for people who have been disabled from birth, becoming disabled involves learning new ways of relating to people and talking about oneself and one's needs. ...

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Of Mice and Men: Care/Treatment of the Disabled

"The term 'disabled person' means any person unable to ensure by himself or herself;wholly or partly, the neces ... to seven point five million people of the population arediagnosed with mental retardation. Mentally disabled people act, think, and growdifferently than normal people, which may lead to inappropriate ... o inappropriate behavior. In Of Miceand Men, John Steinbeck allowed the reader to see that mentally disabled people weredifferent, but treated equally normal as any other human being, where as today, ...

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The Holocaust, the forgotten victims. This report discusses the additional victims of the holocaust, the Gypsies, gay men, Jahova Witness and children of mixed race parents.

tler?1.Master race2.PowerB.Nazi partyC.AuschwitzII.The ForgottenA.PolishB.GypsiesC.Jehovah WitnessD.Disabled1.TwinsE.Africans1.Sterilization1.Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany from 1889-1945. H ... tion camp run by the Nazis. The other victims were Polish (non Jewish), Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, disabled people and homosexuals. He also ordered the sterilization of mulatto children, and medical ...

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The ranch portrays a harsh, callous society with no place for the weak. Discuss.

d and persecuted. Thus we have a world where Steinbeck describes the plight of women, black people, disabled people and those with mental disabilities showing the persecution and suffering they have t ... ed about themselves. Candy didn't have the power to stop the brutal execution because he was only a disabled white old man and controlled by stronger people. He does not have any social position or ph ...

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Beyond Accessibility: Treating People with Disabilities as People

tion Act of 1995 set out to end the discrimination people with disabilities encounter. The Act gave disabled people the right to employment, access to goods, facilities, and services and the right to ... to buy and rent land and property. These rights came into force in December 1996, making treating a disabled person less favorably than an able-bodied person unlawful. Further rights came into force i ...

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Quality of Life

disabilities quality of life and quality of service become inter-related because of the reliance of disabled people on services to assist them to achieve their goals. These issues are important to peo ... disability. (Disability, Quality of Life, & Knowledge Utilization website, 2001).The rights of disabled persons as declared by the United Nations (1976) states:'Disabled persons have the same fun ...

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The disabled Community

shortcomings can lead them to total desolation. Fortunately, many of the people that we would call disabled, cope with a life among the so-called "normal" people by seeking out an identity among peop ... d "normal" people by seeking out an identity among people with similar disabilities. What leads the disabled community to form into such tightly knit groups, and why do some disabled people avoid them ...

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Tzora active

apped people.Our products offer a greater and extended mobility range and capability to elderly and disabled people, thus improving their quality of life.Our main lines of products are:EasyTravel , th ...

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What representations of disability are offered in "The Elephant Man" (1980)?

a dark image, indicating danger. This could reflect the audiences views of physically and mentally disabled people at the time the film was made, as most people at the time would have viewed them as ... white reflects the Victorian era the film is set in, and it reflects the 'black and white' views of disabled people of the era.The audience are positioned to empathize with John Merrick, and to take n ...

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Effects that disabling barriers may have on the quality of life on disabled people; steps and measures that can be taken by social workers for the disabling barriers to be minimized.

Disabled people have to confront many different disabling barriers in their life. Focusing on the is ... rment group:a)Clearly illustrate the effects that these barriers may have on the quality of life on disabled people; andb)Suggest steps and measures that can be taken by social workers for the disabli ...

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. Dr. Sayer's experiment was one that involved the taking of drugs and working with mentally disabled people. His medical work before hand was experimentation that had nothing to do with people ...

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Disability Rights Commission

knowledge of suffering, there is no doubt that a concierge suffers. Yet, since women have been meet people to endure hardship and sacrifice for their children, women may refute that their own sufferin ... oney in that child? And all designs go out the window if she becomes a drug addict or an alcoholic. People who bring a child into the world cannot guard against all vicissitudes of life itself or the ...

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Media Reaction Paper

ot of cultures in the real life NYC. They showed all walks of life living there: African-Americans, disabled people, Native Americans, young people, senior citizens, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans. In ...

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ne microphone and the telephone network connection would be made. I feel this product would benefit disabled people such as the blind and those whose fingers could not function properly.Of course, sin ...

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A Seperate Peace (Symbolism)

. The significance of having a job as an assistant crew manager is that it is offered to physically disabled people. Gene is disabled, but emotionally not physically.He feels it is his burdens for his ...

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Escape from Sobibor

of their country. The German people believed that by killing all the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and disabled people that their country had a better chance of becoming powerful. They called this Nazi i ...

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Gandhi and Hitler: Two Moral Opposites

er 11 million Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Afro-Europeans, Polish citizens, Gypsies, and disabled people (Schwartz, 1997). According to Plato's view, Hitler never achieved harmony as an ind ...

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Reflection Paper: History of People with Disabilities in Northwest Ohio

e Americans' or immigrants. For the same reason' we need to know about the historical experience of disabled people'' writes Barbara Floyd' director of the Canaday Center' in the 133-page catalog that ... or the Blind.-The Toledo Rotary was one of the nation's first Rotary clubs to designate the care of disabled children as one of its major service projects beginning about 1917. Local Rotary members we ...

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