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Michel Foucault's claims that the power-knowledge relationship that is prevalent in society both on the large and small scale.

hat power. The way the individual is subjected to this power only changes when they have mastered a discipline.It may be fair to say that power produces knowledge (and not simply by encouraging it bec ...

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The Discourse of Power. michael foucault: history of sexuality & crime and punishment

e that emerges from what is saidand nowhere else."Control over body and soul is the primary focus ofDiscipline and Punish. Discipline and punishment areall about power relations between dominators and ... isteme; truth is the desire forpower/knowledge, and experience is the desire forfreedom. The use of discipline and punishment as asocial force to control bodies requires agreementbetween the empowered ...

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Michel Foucault

iety prefers processes of normalization, whichare less intrusive:Another instrument used to achieve discipline is the normalizing judgment.Instead of punishing offenders for wrong doings, the administ ... r punishment. This givesindividuals something to strive to achieve and creates incentives for being disciplined.("What Is Discipline?,51 ")Here, we see the ideas of punishment couched in the language ...

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Legality of Public Sex and Nudity

Andrew GrishamEnglish 110Professor Priest20 October 2014Is It Time To Legalize Public Nudity And Sex ... d Sex?There is a rich history in human culture when it comes to our attitudes towards public nudity and sex - before the Victorian era people talked about it openly and it would not be unheard of to s ... rd of to see people in the streets performing sexual acts. We did not hide the fact that sex exists and that there are differences in the anatomies of the male and female sexes from our children, it w ...

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