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Michel Foucault's claim that "Western man has become a confessing animal".

ult, is meant to be a critique of our social period, in particular, the belief that sex, especially discourses about sex, have been 'repressed'. Instead, Foucault suggests that sex was never actually ...

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Analysis of the autobiography "Tapestry" by Maria Palotta-Chiarolli.

I was able delve into her and her family's personalities and experiences through the use of various discourses including feminism, racism and sexual freedom.The book style is a clever and informative ... What once seemed annoying and confusing proved to be a great tool in finding the book's themes and discourses. Palotta-Chiarolli used her family's history like a 'tapestry', weaving the various threa ...

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"Social Linguistics And Literacy" by James Paul Gee

just the ability to read and write but it is mush more than that. It is the knowledge of different "discourses" which are part of our personalities and the knowledge of the beliefs and values connecte ... which are part of our personalities and the knowledge of the beliefs and values connected to these discourses. He also gives the idea of a liberating literacy which "can be used as a meta-language or ...

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National Identity in Australia as presented by television broadcast television.

ity is a form of imaginative identification with that nation state as expressed through symbols and discourses. Thus, nations are not only political formations but also systems of cultural representat ... ves. A representation that is produced (and continually reproduced) through the various symbols and discourses (and rituals) with which we identify, based on the idea that identity is not fixed but cr ...

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Niccolo Machiavelli.

sociated with corrupt, totalitarian government. He wrote two books called The Prince (1513) and The Discourses (1543), which drew light to his most controversial theories on the real world of politics ... behavior. Man today is similar to the human model analyzed by Machiavelli.Machiavelli writes in The Discourses that "force without fraud is not enough to enable a man of humble, fortune to come to a h ...

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ation of birth. But as we grow older and gain new experiences, we are confronted with various other discourses and we acquire an additional set of discourses. James Paul Gee and Brian Street may not c ... e's argument, I will reveal the plausibility of an individual to fully acquire and possess multiple discourses. It is to be noted that there are certain procedures that an individual can elect in orde ...

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ics and education discussed in the Republic are the foundations of today's governments, nations and discourses. At least that is what I am told. Plato's ideology and reasoning are not always the most ...

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Write a fim review based on the movie 'two hands'

work of genius of his latest film 'Two Hands', captivating the audience deep into the marginalised discourses that have moulded and formed the present-day Australian culture.'Two Hands' is seen to ha ... . This can be seen through the filmic techniques used throughout the film. One of the most dominant discourses that are evident in the film 'Two Hands' is that of fate which also ties in with karmaGre ...

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The Cycle of Heroic Virtue in Samson Agonistes and Oedipus Rex

us, protagonists of two prominent works of Western literary canon, have dominated many intellectual discourses for centuries. Countless analyses of Oedipus' plight have been made, the most well-known ...

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Integration of Indigenous Knowledge and the Physical Sciences

has led to First Nation's students generally not embracing scientific and environmental ecological discourses resulting in the loss of valuable Aboriginal knowledge; the cornerstone of cultural ident ... e explanations and assumptions are circulated and reinforced through a myriad different stories and discourses, formal and informal, technical and incoherent. They tell who and what is valued, what ma ...

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Exposition of George Orwell's "Nineteen eighty-four". Discourses and positioning of the reader is highly examined

ng effects of an authoritarian regime. Orwell positions readers to sympathise with his viewpoint on discourses concerning power, human nature and political ideologies. Orwell achieves this through usi ... portance of power, and the many ways in which it can manifest itself. Orwell presents the two major discourses concerning power early in the novel. Readers are immediately introduced to the discourse ...

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Lord of the Rings: The Departure of the Fellowship

ary audiences can read and appreciate Shakespeare's plays today because they understand many of the discourses operating in the play Othello also operate today. However as Jason Kang's short story dem ...

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Should women be confined to a few footnotes in war history?

cts national identity, as it threatens masculine spheres and heroic myths, and provides alternative discourses. All of which threaten to transform fundamental understandings of war. Women's contributi ...

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With reference to the soap operas you have studied, discuss the representations of two social groups, which are offered to audiences.

many other forms of television, this therefore means that there is a more complicated hierarchy of discourses.Soap opera is meant to be watched by a mainly female audience but the number of men in th ...

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Modernisation, globalisation and americanisation

he radical opposition between pre-historical 'tradition' and capitalist 'modernity' survives in the discourses of our age, popular and professional alike. Indeed, in directing much of our attention to ...

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Semiotics and analysis of newspaper cartoons and their media content.

lear. These cartoons are intended for intelligent individuals that are well immersed in the current discourses and events. They can provide new point of view, reinforce a pre-existing one and even cha ... her by not even having to show the origin of these shots to understand the implied narrative.Recent discourses surrounding the Olympic games include the threat of terrorism targeting the Olympics beca ...

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Analyse an event reported on by the media and the ways in which they position the viewer to respond to the event.

tural and corporate background. The following presentation will analyze the aspects of positioning, discourses, cultural context and draw conclusions as to the impact of the media upon our understandi ... tical and historic circumstances which led to the Beslan attacks.This article addresses a number of discourses. The discourse of terrorism is represented by the journalist in a series of snapshot imag ...

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Essay on Rags and Riches articls, explring the aritocratic Australian Culture

materialistic and aristocratic Australian culture. This essay will explore this in relation to the discourses of race, class and consumerism.The discourse of class focuses on Australia's culture and ...

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The Men of the Open Spaces - Focuses on the the Australian bush culture.

stereotypical representation of Australian culture. This essay will explore this in relation to the discourses of gender, class and environment.The text focuses on a predominantly masculine discourse ...

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New Historicism

y that began at the beginning of the 1980,it can be defined as the conjunction of a number of prior discourses, or ways of speaking, about literature and language, and not by inspiration of any single ... ly, it is identified with the assumption that human beings are immersed in multiple sublanguages or discourses that operate as parts of symbolic systems as a whole.Written texts, according to the ...

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