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Ponce de leon

nd ships to search for the infamous "fountain of youth".In his unwise quest, he became the European discoverer of Florida, which he named "Pascua de Florida" (feast of flowers) after a Spanish Easter ...

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TinTin's discoverer is unknown but one thing is known. Tin has been used anddiscovered by the ancients. Tin w ...

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The Exploration and Empires to America from foreign countries.

the Far East. Other Europeans called this unexplored area the New World and honored Columbus as its discoverer.- Europeans also called the Western Hemisphere America, after Amerigo Vespucci. An Italia ...

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Biography on Galileo Galilei

Venus going through phase. Galileo was an Italian physicist, philosopher, mathematician, inventor, discoverer, and an astronomer.Galileo was the oldest son of Vincenzo Galilei (his dad). Vincenzo Gal ...

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What Is Rickettsia.

bloodsucking parasitic arthropods such as fleas , lice and ticks. Rickettsias are named after their discoverer, the American pathologist Harold Taylor Ricketts, who died of typhus in Mexico after conf ...

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The the denial of the 'american dream' that was set upon slaves.

m he brought slaves from Africa to serve as the lower class ship hands. Columbus was not the heroic discoverer that we depict him as today. He tried to enslave the Arawak Indians of the Americas, but ...

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Iron- about its elemental properties and history of the metal.

e-59 54.5 daysFe-60 1,500,000 yearsDiscovery and Origin: Iron's discovery is unknown along with its discoverer. It was discovered in ancient times. The name origin was from Latin and came from the Lat ...

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A Famous Discoverer - The Story of Howard Carter

ard Carter, usually associate it with the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb. As an excavator and discoverer of the famous tomb of King Tut, Howard Carter has won a place in the archaeologist's hall ...

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Christopher Columbus

1451, a boy named Christopher Columbus (See Appendix A), who was born in Genoa, became a sailor and discoverer of a new continent. He spoke Castilian with a little Portuguese. Although he received lit ... itants, are perfect examples of his failures. This is related to how everybody thinks of him as the discoverer of a continent that he never reached. Look in children's books, find a heroic discoverer. ...

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Double Helix

e in the right place at the right time is enough to propel a curious person into the spotlight as a discoverer, developer, or inventor.For instance, Watson joined Francis Crick in bio-molecular resear ...

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The History Of The Atomic Theory and Michael Farraday, including his discovery of the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

Michael Faraday was the discoverer of the relationship between electricity and magnetism, and that one could not exist witho ...

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Element Mercury

eters, barometers, electrical devices, etc. Mercury is rarely found out in the open, but an unknown discoverer obtained Mercury from cinnabar ore in Egypt in about 1500 BC. Mercury is member of the tr ...

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Frederick Banting Biography

ou cannot help but remember the one man who made that a defining decade in Canadian history, the co-discoverer of insulin, Sir Frederick Grant Banting. Banting was born on November 14th, 1891 in Allis ...

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Indians, that's hardly what people would consider heroic. The movie portrayed Columbus as a discoverer interested in the Americas solely because it offered new opportunties and freedom in a ne ...

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Carbon Family

nd electrons.Carbon is classified as a non-metal. Carbon was known to the ancients, and its discoverer is unknown. Carbon is used for steel and filters. (Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Elements. com- ... ons, and 69 neutrons, it is classified as an other metal.Tin was also known to the ancients and the discoverer is unknown. It is used to coat steel cans. (Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Las ...

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resistant to corrosion. Mercury's name derived from the Latin word Hydragyrum or liquid silver. The discoverer of mercury is unknown but it is a known fact that mercury was well known to the Chinese a ...

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Svante August Arrhenius

dissertation containing the new theo ry to his advisor, Professor Cleve, an eminent chemist and the discoverer of the elements holmlum and thulium. Cleve's unlnterested response was what Arrhenius had ...

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Wireless Technology

??????????7 Wireless Technology The Beginning/Background: ?A gentleman named Heinrich Hertz was the discoverer of electromagnetic waves, the technical foundation of radio itself. By 1880, Hertz had de ...

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Does Language Play Roles of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

y information to one another. Without a written document, the knowledge gained will be lost after a discoverer or a researcher of the respective fields of studies dies. For instance, in History, certa ...

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Double Helix Paper

Pursuing the Double HelixThe Double helical structure of DNA was a great discovery. Jim Watson, co-discoverer of the structure, goes on and tells the story of how he and his partner Francis Crick rac ...

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