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There are many different stories about Cinderella. Disney's Cinderella was a fairytale. Cinderella 2006 was more like real life. Both of those stories ... .While there are many similarities, there are also many differences. The firstdifference is that in Disney's Cinderella she went to the ball and in Cinderella 2006 shedidn't go to the ball. Cinderella ... to the ball and in Cinderella 2006 shedidn't go to the ball. Cinderella 2006 she liked to clean. In Disney's Cinderella she wasforced to clean by her family. Another difference is that in Disney's Cin ...

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n this story is the plot. Second I will tell you about the prince. Lastly I will tell you about the princess. The differences in the story are the plot, the prince, and the princess. First the ... t athletic because he said he couldn't swim. Next he isn't very strong because he couldn't hold the princess all day like he said he could and she didn't way very much either. The princess isn't prett ...

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Dream of A Princess

To accompany her shall be him as he maywho acted upon himself a person by her enslaved."By thy name princess where shall we go?" He asked.An owner's look as she turned with her necklace she flashed"Th ... all a chick in its shell still yet hatchedwill ecstatically jump out with praiseful words it cries:"Princess my dear how elegant are you todaythat no words are worth enough for me to sayyour beauty sh ...

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