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lack community. This paperwill look at the alarming statistics and attempt to trace the roots of thedisparity. It will then consider the affects and explore possible solutionsto the expanding problem. ...

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Jury Nullification and Its Effects on Black America

ous studies and articles have been composed on the many facets in which discrimination, or at least disparity, is obvious. Even whites are forced to admit that statistics indicate that the Black commu ... ct that discrimination may exist among police, the arrest figures still do not account for the vast disparity in incarceration rates. So other aspects of the criminal justice system must be examined. ...

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Environmental protection and the limits of Cassis de Dijon

orts go towards removing restrictions and barriers to trade. Such restrictions may arise due to the disparity of individual member states' legislation in certain areas. Such an area is that of the pro ...

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Comparing the "Rockinghorse Winner" and "The Wild Swans"

Lawrence despised these values, which society held, being exposed to them as a child witnessing the disparity of his parents trying to achieve this type of social status, and he shows in the Rocking-H ...

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Socrates' opinion of death and the afterlife.

pothesizing and questioning the human condition, does not broach the subject of death. Perhaps this disparity of standpoints, between religion and philosophy, may be used to examine the reasons behind ...

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Capital punishment needs to be abolished for it is manifestly unjust and there is disparity in sentencing.

upport injustice. Capital punishment needs to be abolished for it is manifestly unjust and there is disparity in sentencing.Racism is one cause of the unequal treatment. It exists in most sensitive ar ... s absolutely immoral and unjust; for racism is involved in capital punishment. Not only racism, but disparity between the rich and poor, and innocent lives to be on death row involves serious problems ...

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Sentence Disparity Within the Courts.

What is sentence disparity? This term means that the judge does not hand out the same sentence, or the terms of the s ... s, and similar cases to the one's that the judge is currently presiding over. "There is an apparent disparity in the sentences awarded for similar crimes committed by similar offenders in similar circ ... e imprisonment, which is twenty-five years. In reviewing these cases, there is without a doubt some disparity when it boils down to the eligibility for parole for the offenders. There are a few cases ...

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This is a comparison of the two pairs of lovers in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing".

o About Nothing possess some of the same relationship traits, but at times it is obvious that there disparity between their relationships.Beatrice and Benedict make one of the most famous couples crea ...

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Crime is a Social Construct.

irations held by individuals and groups in society do not coincide with the available rewards, this disparity between desires and fulfilment will be felt in the deviant motivations of some of its memb ... relation to women's increasing desire for independence and material success, therefore causing the disparity that Merton talks about. Furthermore, men and women calculate the risk of arrest different ...

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Troubled boys and Ragged Dick.

Explore some of the ways that Susan Fauludi highlights the stark disparity between the daily lives of the Lakewood boys and their dreams of fame and wealth and their ...

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Should CEO's Make Such Exorbitant Salaries?

of today's executives receiving pay and compensation packages that are often too excessive and the disparity between CEO's and the average worker pay keeps widening. To many people, the continuing ex ...

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19th Century European Industrialization

.With the help of industrialization, large cities, and massive populations in more dense areas, the disparity between the working class and aristocracy had an ideal setting. John Stuart Mill and Karl ...

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Body consiousness

ed with women. Much of the body dissatisfaction that we see today can be attributed to the enormous disparity between our current cultural beauty ideals and our actual bodies. Although most of the res ...

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Context of Shakepeare's Great Expectations

f the era. With increasing industrialisation, the middle class slowly disintegrated, increasing the disparity between the upper and lower classes. The composition of the upper classes deviated from in ...

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Darkness and Light in Heat of Darkness Compare Kurtz's African woman to "his Intended" and show how this contrast highlights the central theme of the novel: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

native Africa. The theme of darkness and light is developed throughout the novella, revealed by the disparity between Europe and Africa, portrayed more specifically between the two secondary symbols: ...

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Karl Marx's theory of alienation

ir labor, but devalued by it. Marx's concept of alienated labor describes the internal conflict and disparity of workers, be they from the 19th or 21st century, when their existence is contingent upon ...

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A Brief Discussion on the Definition of Art

politics. One person's idea of art can be very, very different from another person's view, and the disparity between them can lead to harsh words and hurt feelings.By simple dictionary definition, ar ...

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Overpaid Athletes

d include exorbitant salaries, lockouts (or work stoppages) in professional sports, and the growing disparity among team payrolls. Professional sports teams should have a salary cap for each individua ...

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Compare the Protagonist of "The Yellow Paper", "The Storm" and "Eveline"

r. Their role played in the modern society has definitely changed. They are urged to excel, and the disparity among the gender roles is getting smaller every time. However, this was not true just a ge ...

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Critical Issue Analysis: Pornography

When women are the major contributors to the industry, how could something like pornography cause a disparity between men and women? It would appear that since women are enthusiastically contributing ...

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