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Internet Growth.

ost 120M, an increase of 1,199,999.96% in 32 years.Internet growth:Date Hosts | Date Hosts Networks Domains------- --------- + ------- --------- ------------ ------------12/69 4 | 07/89 130,000 650 3, ... computer system with registered ip address (an A record)Networks = registered class A/B/C addressesDomains = registered domain name (with name server record)The USENET, began its journey in 1979 with ...

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Should the Hong Kong SAR seize control of its country code top level domain ('ccTLD') to establish a "sovereign domain" in the manner described by Greg Hagen?

t system and then analyse some of the propositions that have been put forward in academic circles.A domain name is simply an alphabetic representation of an IP address, which consists of a series of n ... ore expedient means of allocating web pages. At present control over the creation and allocation of domain names is in the hands of a 'private non-profit US organisation'; the International Corporatio ...

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The Geography of

rendered completely unusable for people with disabilities (Waddell 1999). As well as screen space, domain space is a vital commodity in today's Internet. The history of the domain name system means t ... com portion, with people launching a 'land-grab' for the short, memorable name (Shaw 1997). A good domain name is vital to the establishment of an online presence. It is much more important than an a ...

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The e plan

e of any Internet business is extremely important. As you might have already found out, selecting a domain name these days is no simple matter. Choice domain names are being bought and sold for heavy ... ays is no simple matter. Choice domain names are being bought and sold for heavy premiums. With the domain name so important, it is obviously something to which you need to give considerable thought. ...

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BUG, Inc - legal protection

olates an individual's bodily security.E-commerceNormally, when a business or an individual sells a domain name, any gain on disposal would be taxed under the capital gains rules as a gain on the disp ... capital gains rules as a gain on the disposal of an asset. Where a business or individual trades in domain names for profit, the domain names would form trading stock, and sale proceeds would be treat ...

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EBusiness Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues

ed illegal copies of music, say they will not do so because of the threat of lawsuits. (Keefe, 2004)Domain NamesDomain names have gained prominence as a new form of intellectual property. A domain nam ... l property. A domain name is the name of an Internet site (i.e.,, The domain name is an alias for the numeric address of the Internet site. Type and your browser ...

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