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An opinionated look into the facts and fallacies of evolution, from a Christian perspective. 11 pages

tralopithecines, meaning "southern ape," (Petersen 112) was discovered in Ethiopia by archaeologist Donald Johanson, who gave the nickname to this forty percent complete fossil. Johanson stated in an ... blishing, 1994.Huse, Scott M. The Collapse of Evolution. Michigan: Baker Book House, 1983.Johanson, Donald. "Ethiopia Yields First 'Family' of Early Man." National Geographic Magazine. December 1976, ...

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Human origins

dividual own interpretation and neither wrong nor right. A paleanthropologist by the name of Donald Johanson is one of the many who have a very different view on the origin of humans. In 1974, ...

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Human Evolution and Climate Change Broad Topic: Climate Change and Evolution

nds ("What Does It Mean to Be Human?")."Lucy" - The remains of a female ancestor were discovered by Donald Johanson and his colleagues in Ethiopia. The skeleton is from about 3.3 mya, and is about 40% ...

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