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Leonardo da Vinci - The Red Badge of Courage

an inventor intechnology.Leonardo can be refered to as the title of Homo Universalis, Universal Man.DonatelloDonatello, real name DONATO DI NICCOLÒ DI BETTO BARDI (1386?-1466) was an Italian Re ... real name DONATO DI NICCOLÒ DI BETTO BARDI (1386?-1466) was an Italian Renaissance sculptor. Donatello is considered one of thegreatest sculptors of all time and the founder of modern sculpture ...

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DonatelloDonatello (1386-1466) was a master of sculpture in bronze and marble and was one of the gre ... sformed, he was really viewed as a realist but later research showed he was much more.Early career. Donatello was the son of Niccolo di Betto Bardi, a Florentine wool carder. It is not known how he st ... 1404 and 1407 he became a member of the workshop of Lorenzo Ghiberti who was a sculptor in bronze. Donatello's earliest work was a marble statue of David. The 'David' was originally made for the cath ...

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Donatello was born in Florence, Italy in 1386. Donatello's real name is Donato di Niccolo di Betto B ... Florence, Italy in 1386. Donatello's real name is Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi. Donato adopted Donatello as a name mainly because his relations all called him that. Donatello was the son of a woo ... lippo Brunelleschi, with whom he reputedly visited Rome in order to study the monument of Antiquity.Donatellos career can be divided into three very distinct periods. The first, which is comprised of ...

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Artists and Art and Learning during the Renaissance

ates of paradise, which they have been called since.Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi, also known as Donatello was one of the most influential artists of the Renaissance, because of his power of his fi ... s major works was Cantoria, or singing gallery, which became favorite subjects in renaissance art. "Donatello, who also worked in terra-cotta and wood, made use of Brunelleschi's perspective devices i ...

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The Italian Renaissance. Speaks of Donatello, Brunelleschi, da Vinci , and Michelangelo

The early Renaissance was home to the sculptor Donato di Niccollo di Bette Bardi, called Donatello, and the architect Filippo Brunelleschi. The two were the elite persons in their field.Don ... issance sculpture in Florence, Italy. He was a master of all techniques and materials of sculpture. Donatello was the son of Niccolo di Betto Bardi. He was most likely born in 1386, he was already pra ... ady practicing by 1406 as an assistant to sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti (Multimedia). In the year 1416, Donatello started work on the marble statue of St. George and the relief below it, St. George Killin ...

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Michelangelo Buonarroti

went to study with Domenico Ghirlandago, who taught him about painting.He then went on to work with Donatello to learn about sculpture. Betweenthe years of 1490-1492 Michelangelo lived in the house of ... showed the influence of Giotto and Masaccio. Also many ofhis early sculptures show the influence of Donatello (Columbia UniversityPress) .Michelangelo's artistic career can be divided into two periods ...

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A breif biography of Andrea del Verrochio

nd master to Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Perugino. Andrea del Verrochio ranked second only to Donatello among the Italian sculptors of the Renaissance. Some famous art Andrea del Verrochio creat ...

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Book review of Pintoricchio in The lives of the artists : a selection / Giorgio Vasari; translated by George Bull. Harmondsworth : Penguin Books, 1965 Bernardino Pintoricchio

arer to the perfection of nature but not quite there, other artists in part two include Botticelli, Donatello and Perugino. From his opening lines one might surmise Vasari had thought long and hard as ...

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DonatelloDonatello was a great Italian sculptor, who was born in Florence, Italy, in 1386. He did no ... worked in Lorenzo Ghiberti's shop. Later in his life he studied Roman ruins and became a humanist. Donatello also had a shop in Florence where he created many of his masterpieces. The last years of D ... eal with and to work with. He was not a cultured intellect like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Donatello was essentially a realist. Many of Donatello's masterpieces are located in Florence. Some ...

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Masaccio's legacy

s. That this is true is shown by Florence , that has produced in the same age Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Paolo Ucello and Masaccio, each one pre-eminent in his kind, who not on ... , and he was amazed at the grandeur of the city's architecture. Thanks to the work Brunelleschi and Donatello did in Florence in the early years of the fifteenth century, there was already an artistic ...

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Masaccio, Donatello, and Brunelleschi - Renaissance Pioneers

ation" of the Renaissance artists was generally considered to be the painter Masaccio, the sculptor Donatello, and the architect Brunelleschi. They applied Humanist thinking to art by using the styles ... nd Brunelleschi, which was crucial to his revival of the principles of scientific perspective. From Donatello he gained knowledge of the classical styles of art that led him away from the prevailing G ...

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The legacy of the renaissance

ing the renaissance was the sculptor "Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi" universally known as Donatello, he was born in Florence around the year 1386 and during his time he created many famous w ... piece, it still follows the renaissance tradition of a return to classical themes. During his life Donatello created many beautiful and highly influential works that would later inspire such great ar ...

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History of Sculpture in Western History

y.The world's next revolutionary sculptor was not seen until right before the Renaissance in Italy. Donatello, the great Florentine sculptor, worked throughout the 15th century. One of his most famous ... f his most famous works was of the patron saint, St. George, and was placed in a Florentine church. Donatello's representation of St. George has both feet firmly on the ground with his legs spread abo ...

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Donatello was born in Florence, Italy in 1386. Donatello's real name was Donato di Niccolo di Betto ... Florence, Italy in 1386. Donatello's real name was Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi. Donato adopted Donatello as a name mainly because his relations called him that. Donatello was the son of a wool co ... i, Florence. After that he studied the monument of Antiquity with the architect Flippo Brunelleschi.Donatellos career can be divided into three very distinct periods. The first, which is before 1425, ...

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DAVID MICHELANGO, DONATELLO, this is on the four different architures that are sculptures of David.

ned to be the second king of Israel, destroyed the Philistine giant Goliath with stone and a sling. Donatello, Verrocchio, Michelangelo, and Bernini each designed a sculpture of David. However, the sc ... he sculptures are drastically different from one another. Each one is unique in its own certain way.Donatello, whose David was the first life-size nude statue since Classical times, struck a balance b ...

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The Italian Renaissance

er to produce a mass arrangement of fine art. With the influential works of leadings sculptors like Donatello, the realism of paints portrayed by Botticelli and Giotto, and Leondardo Da Vinci's style ...

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What is Nudity?

ith uniqueness that only Pisano could achieve.Another artist that used a heroic figure as a nude is Donatello. During the fifth tenth century there was not much tolerance for nudity, so when Donatello ... too heavy for him to lift, so he holds it with relief and a loose grip after defeating the giant. "Donatello's statue depicts a nude, with some feminine features" (Greenhalgh, 166). David is interpre ...

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Stautes Of David

is Gianlorenzo Bernini's David which shows he is just about to fling the rock at Goliath, there is Donatello's David in which he shows David after the fight, and there is Michelangelo's David which s ... ut the story of David and Goliath, there are still very different visual comparisons on each statue.Donatello's David is different from Bernini's and Michelangelo's because first of all it is made in ...

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Capolavori-A comparision of Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti

ar, there are two men who have had a profound impact on the Renaissance world; Lorenzo Ghiberti and Donatello. Both artists were the vanguard of this artistic revolution, and are revered both by conte ... as Ghiberti’s Gate’s of Paradise, the statue of St. John the Baptist in the Orsanmichele, Donatello’s David, his work on the Sacristy doors of San Lorenzo. All of these masterpieces are ...

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Comparative essay of David

oque era. The story of David embodied inner strength, power, a will to survive, a sense of triumph. Donatello, Verrocchio, Michelangelo and Bernini are artist who sought to bring to life this story th ... it one aspect of the story, but if we look at them collectively we can see the entire story unfold. Donatello explored the young innocent David, who got his strength and power from God. Verrocchio exp ...

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