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"The Tradition: Fact and Fiction" Robert Coles Summary

say "The Tradition: Fact and Fiction" Robert Coles talks about the works of two photographers, Jane Lange and Walker Evans, examining the process they used to produce their pictures and the artistic d ... aning they wanted to convey and the history of their photographs.Coles places discussion on some of Lange's famous photographs. One photo, the image of the "migrant mother," depicts a poor woman and h ...

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Dorthea Lange

Born on May 26th 1895 in New Jersey, Dorothea Lange had a rough childhood. Contracting polio before the age of eight, she walked with a l ... ith Clarence White under her belt.Before marrying her first husband, a painter named Maynard Dixon, Dorothea Lange packed up and moved across the country to San Francisco, California, and opened her v ... tration. Enduring not only the change from studio to documentary photography due to the depression, Dorothea's first marriage began to break up. By 1935 she was divorced from her first husband. Howeve ...

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Coles Essay

in their essays. I have also found that some of the techniques that I did not use of Robert Coles, Dorothea Lange, William Carlos Williams, and Paul Taylor; are some that I wish I would have.Dorothea ... Coles, 209) It is very difficult to write a documentary without the "whole story". "Again and again Dorothea Lange asked questions, wrote down what she heard (or overheard)." (Coles, 193) If people ar ...

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What is a documentary and what is its purpose?

just story telling and awareness, but also identification with being a witness to social injustice.Dorothea Lange tells also a story and makes people aware. She worked as a Farm Security Administrati ... mething to make people aware and to identify with the documentarian, because there is no doubt that Dorothea Lange didn't want this to happen. Lange was one of many documentarians who went out to show ...

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DOROTHEA LANGE Dorothea Lange used her camera to capture some of the most eye strik ... and other artists work in more depth with the amazing detail shown in her pictures. Dorothea Lange's works of art in my eyes are beautiful. They capture the suffering and hopelessness ... , while the mother seems to be sad and helpless. This is the beautiful type of aesthetic image that Dorothea Lange has brought to the world of art.

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Dorothea Lange. Biography and analysis of Dorothea Lange and her work.

Depression, many photographers captured the scenes of poverty and grief. According to Roy Stryker, Dorothea Lange had the most sensitivity and the most rapport with people . Dorothea Lange was a phen ... eized the hearts of people during the 1930s, and greatly affected the times of the Great Depression.Dorothea Lange was born on May 26, 1895 in Hoboken, New Jersey. When she was seven years old, she ha ...

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Comparing the two masterpieces: Migrant Mother by (Dorothea Lange) AND Madonnas and Angelic Children by (Cameron)

Comparison of the two images by two different photographers:Migrant Mother by (Dorothea Lange) AND Madonnas and Angelic Children by (Cameron)[IMG] ... gnposts of modern society. In these two photographs by “Julia Margaret Cameron” and “Dorothea Lange”, the renowned photographers have tried to show the bonding between child and mo ... 48;, the renowned photographers have tried to show the bonding between child and mother(motherhood).Dorothea Lange photograph of “The Migrant Mother” represents the salient facts of emotiona ...

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Course Outline and Syllabus

le. Ragged and temporary huts was "house" of many people. It was known as "Migrant Mother" taken by Dorothea Lange in California, 1936. The mother on this photo has total 7 children living all togethe ...

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