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The Fish

lly flattened and covered with dermal scales. The paired fins are the pectoral and pelvic fins. The dorsal fin can be paired or unpaired. Ventral, just before the anal fin opens the cloaca. On either ... e fins control locomotion, which is caused by the muscular caudal (tail) fin of the fish. Fig.1:The dorsal and pelvic fins serve to keep the body upright when the fish makes a sudden change of directi ...

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"Killer Whales: An Overview" An overview of the habitation, characteristics and habits of killer whales.

jaw, belly, and above their eyes, and a lighter off-white saddle patch just under and behind their dorsal fins. They are quite large mammals, with females growing to up to 8.5 m (27.5 ft) long, and m ... les to up to 9.8 m (31.9 ft) long as they become fully-grown adults. All killer whales have a large dorsal fin protruding out of their mid-back, noting that the adult male's dorsal fin continues to gr ...

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Introduction & Observation of a Shark

ferent functions such as lift, propulsion, and stabilizing. There are one or two fins present along dorsal midline called first and second dorsal fin. If the spin is the orgin, it is mainly then used ... tDissecting trayGlovesDiscussion:In this lab, the students learned were the eyes, teeth, mouth, two dorsal fins and two pectoral fins and a tail are located. Then understood the certain views, lateral ...

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Observation on Chordates

lsion. Each of the fins are used in a different manner. There are one or two fins present along the dorsal midline called the first and second dorsal fin. These are anti-roll stabilizing fins. These t ... ll slits, fins and spiracles to name a few. We were able to see two eyes, small teeth, a mouth, two dorsal fins, two pectoral fins, and a tail. The eyes are glossy and blue in color. The skin of the s ...

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Tiger Shark essay, brief overview

r to form stripes that fade with maturity. It has a large, thick body with a blunt snout. The first dorsal fin is much longer than the second. The caudal fin is long and pointed. There is a dermal rid ... second. The caudal fin is long and pointed. There is a dermal ridge along the back between the two dorsal fins.Tiger sharks have a special gill slit behind the eyes that provides oxygen flow directly ...

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flippers. The hind appendages are virtually absent and consist of a pair of small pelvic bones. The dorsal fin is formed from subcutaneous dermal tissue and is not movable by muscle action. The cardal ...

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