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Macbeth - Study Guide - Act I

one?Malcom is named heir to the Scottish throne since he is King Duncan's oldest son.4.What is the "double trust" that makes Macbeth hesitate to kill Duncan?In Macbeth's first soliloquy, he expresses ... presses his doubts about murdering the king. Among the reasons he should not kill the king are his "double bond" as kinsman (countryman) and subject, which should make him oppose the deed he is contem ...

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Bond Notes

pairs of electrons shared between the two atoms: single covalent bond - 1 shared pair double covalent bond - 2 shared pairs triple covalent bond - 3 shared pairsBond energy: singl ... e covalent bond - 3 shared pairsBond energy: single < double < tripleBond length: single < double < tripleLewis Structures: The simplest covalent bond is between two hydrogen atoms. Electr ...

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Production of Materials

oken into smaller chain molecules.1.3.identify that ethylene, because of the high reactivity of its double bond, is readily transformed into many useful productsAlkanes are very un-reactive. They are ... Br2 1, 2-dibromomethaneC C + Br2 C CC3H6 + Br2 1, 2-dibromopropaneC C C + Br2 C C CThe presence of double bonds in alkenes makes it possible to transform alkenes easily into other useful products.Add ...

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Oils and the Human Body

ric, and lauric. Unsaturated fatty acids do not contain a high amount of hydrogen atoms, but have a double bond. These fatty acids are liquids at room temperature. Common unsaturated fatty acids are l ... ve rheumatoid arthritis. Omega-6-fatty acids are another class of polyunsaturated fats. They have a double bond at the sixth carbon position from the methyl group (Omega-3 has the double bond at the t ...

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Core 1 Notes: Production of Materials

reater output of high-demand products.Identify that ethylene, because of the high reactivity of its double bond, is readily transformed into many useful productsEthylene, because of the high reactivit ... without UV-light no rxn occurs. However, alkenes are much more reactive, as, when they react, their double bond opens allowing the formation of single bonds, which allow alkyl groups to be attached. T ...

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Dehydration of 2-Methylcyclohexanol Formal Report

s protonated the leaving group leaves and produces in a carbocation and water. In order to form the double bond, one of the beta hydrogens, hydrogens on a carbon adjacent to the carbocation, must be r ... vored product. Zaitsev's rule states that the more substituted alkene will the favored product; the double bond containing the most non-hydrogen substituents will be the major product.In this lab, 2-m ...

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Qualitative Tests for Carbonyls: Aldehydes vs. Ketones. Various chemical tests identifying ketones and aldehydes are used in this experiment in order to identify an unknown carbonyl compound.

oup.The first test, the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone test, determines the presence of a carbon-oxygen double bond. Brady's reagent, another name for the test, is a solution of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine ...

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Year 12 Chemistry: Production of Materials. Ethanol Research Task

olecule. Each carbon atom has an unpaired electron and both of them join up to form a carbon-carbon double bond.The dehydration of ethanol involves ethanol being heated to about 180oC with concentrate ... atalyst is required because the water molecule itself will not attack the electrons in the ethylene double bond. Only species such as H+ that are electron-poor will attack the electron-rich double bon ...

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