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Oedipus' life was controlled by the destiny of the gods.

es having to kill his father, would be that he would also have to sleep with his mother. This was a double-edged sword because it punished both Jocasta and Oedipus. Ultimately, it's fate that catches ...

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Managing Workplace Stress Internet Article Review - MGT/331 - Organizational Behavior

The introduction of new technologies in the workplace is a double-edged sword that enhances productivity at the cost of increased stress on employees. A survey ...

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Discuss the main similarities and differences between PKI regulation in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.

y it has an added importance in the field of e-commerce. The borderless nature of the internet is a double-edged sword. On the one hand for the first time in history it allows users to transact with t ...

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Literature: Comparison Love and War by Trevor M. McDowell

s that there are no reversible actions. This is love and war. War, love, love... war, both a double edged sword, each swinging its prosperity and downfalls. Love can be a cruel thing until you ...

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The ABC'S of 'Hacking' Part 2

ses between the target and a gateway. Stopping ARP poisoning by disallowing it's functionality is a double edged sword in that it would stop the network from functioning in an efficient manner, becaus ...

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Hamlet's Double-edged Sword

ical suicide. Finally, human nature demands that he express that anger somehow. Thus Hamlet faces a double-edged sword, he must express his anger somehow and that will lead to his downfall.Hamlet (cor ... ss than their undivided loyalty. For Hamlet, it seems that the choice was death or a living hell, a double-edged sword imposed on him by his anger. If he could have let it go, he would have lived. But ...

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MGT331 - Organizational Behavioral Trends

employee in both positive and negative aspects. Enhanced communication through technology can be a double-edged sword.Organizational Decision-Making"Decision making is the process of choosing a cours ...

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Are 'computer hackers' technological innovators who push the boundaries of development or reckless criminals who endanger companies and individuals?

the most hacking activity, which rapidly increases over time [2 survey]. However hackers are like a double-edged sword. Besides their disadvantages there are the positive impacts they have on the tech ...

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My Best Friend - The Internet

ure. While it may be easy to think how technology benefits society, we must understand that it is a double edged sword, one that can harm its users just as quickly as it can help them. However; Intern ...

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China & Globalization

lobalized its economy by opening its doors to the outside world. But for China, globalization was a double-edged sword that brought opportunities and challenges, advantages and disadvantages. Being me ...

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Creativity and Me: An Epiphany

highly stressful situations;Let me examine the first observation. Creativity is like the proverbial double-edged sword. In my journey of self-discovery of creativity, the lack of a moral compass in Cr ...

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The color purple

bad as the blacks. White women were not able to vote until the 1920. Therefore colored women had a double edged sword, they had to fight for freedom, but not be to dominate as to effect the men. Alic ...

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An Evaluation On The Opression Of Black Women In "

Through Celie, Alice Walker is able to show the oppression of Black women and how they dealt with a double-edged sword of not only being women but also being black. It is a touching novel that enables ...

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bad as the blacks. White women were not able to vote until the 1920. Therefore colored women had a double edged sword, they had to fight for freedom, but not be to dominate as to effect the men. The ...

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Slaves by Stephen Spielberg

od moral belief's he would also cause uproar in the Northern colonies. Either way the decision is a double-edged sword. Stephen Spielberg's wonderful details which coincide with historical real ...

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Capital Punishment

er capital punishment should be permitted or not will wage on because this issue is cut with a very double edged sword. Many circumstances make it very difficult to enforce such an absolute punishment ... reads in part 'I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.'" (Posted on These double standards make it impossible for a final decision to be reached about the validity of capital ...

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Definition Paper : Living in Fear

n a certain insect lands on your shoulder, everyone has had an experience with fear. Fear is like a double edged sword, a little fear can be good and increase blood flow and adrenaline, but too much f ... r and infuse those adrenaline junkies with the liquid rush that they seek in their daily lives. The double edged sword that is fear can be a dangerous weapon when used in the wrong way. That same swor ...

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Edexcel history coursework-votes for women assignment one

for women’s suffrage. These acts aimed in giving more men the right to vote, however it was a double edged sword as this caused more discontent amongst women. These reform acts in women’s e ...

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Globalization has disconnected the world. Comment.

world closer together? On the contrary, this same ubiquity of globalization has often turned into a double-edged sword, drawing people, and countries further apart instead of bringing them closer, dis ...

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The impact of globalization on China

country and country are becoming increasingly frequent and borderless. Globalization is actually a double-edged sword. It can bring people harms, as well as benefits.China, the country that had a poo ...

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