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Why did some men desert and refuse to obey orders in the Western Front, and were they treated too harshly? Looks at the results of shell shock and punishments in the trenches.

r response to the pressure of shell shock was desertion.There are many symptoms of shell shock. The early symptoms were tiredness, irritability, giddiness, lack of concentration and headaches. Eventua ...

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The Battle of the Somme: Key Factual Material

in mind.In some respects the Battle of the Somme was a failure for the British. Some say it was Sir Douglas Haig's tactics. Haig's plan called for a massive artillery barrage that was to knock out all ...

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The battle of the Somme

Somme was organised as a joint operation between Britain and France and was accepted by General Sir Douglas Haig who was the BEF commander. It was also an attempt to destroy German manpower.At first t ...

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To what extent was Douglas Haig the most successful theatre commander, in the British Century of Warfare 1899 - 2003?

1MORGAN FARGOTO WHAT EXTENT WAS DOUGLAS HAIG THE MOST SUCCESSFUL THEATRE COMMANDER, IN THE BRITISH CENTURY OF WARFARE 1899 - 2003?It ... ing that conflict to an end on favourable terms," through efficient and effective command. However, Douglas Haig has been deemed a theatre commander who "must be indicted…for willful blunders a ... rmy was durable enough, before reaching a compromise with the French.[5: Gary Sheffield, The Chief: Douglas Haig and the British Army (2011) p193]Lloyd George's attempted placement of the BEF under th ...

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