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Sonny's Blues, by James Baldwin. The effect that music and art had on his life.

wo black men living in Harlem in the 1950's and their struggle to grow up in a society riddled with drugs and violence. The story's narrator is the eldest brother. He is an algebra teacher who discove ... musician. He was a good child while being raised, yet as an adult he was stricken with a problem of drug addiction. Sonny was arrested and sent to drug rehabilitation. His older brother had lost commu ...

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Pain Management. The Influence of Psychological Aspects in a Sport Injury Rehabilitation. by Rafael Cortez

e potent than morphine. They block chronic pain and enhance the immune system faster than any known drug. Adrenaline is also released in our system help to cope with fear and feelings towards anger. I ...

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A simple English essay about teen drug abuse and what parents can do.

Teen drug abuse is a prevalent problem and therefore a very pressing issue. Many teens use or abuse drugs ... tances (Focus Adolescent Services 6). Teenagers need the knowledge to make the right decision about drugs when introduced to substances.In order to address problems early parents should educate themse ... ces.In order to address problems early parents should educate themselves about the warning signs of drug abuse. If a parent knows what to look for they will see changes in their child physically, emot ...

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This is sample treatment plan and assessment based on a fictional case study.

s a week, with consumption ranging from 6-24 beers per occasion. Client also has a history of heavy drug use. Client states that alcohol is the present drug of choice, but admits to occasional marijua ...

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Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Addition Treatment Instead of Jail TimeRepeat drug offenders deserve mandatory jail time. Howev ... ug offenders deserve mandatory jail time. However, people who are arrested for the first time for a drug offense may deserve a chance at rehabilitation within a treatment facility. While many judicial ... hance at rehabilitation within a treatment facility. While many judicial systems utilize the use of drug treatment programs within the jail system, there is currently a push for alternative drug progr ...

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Special Populations: Chemically Dependent

psychological and physiological being, and how a person can become addicted within a short time to drugs or alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic and addict and have been sober now for 10 years. I hav ... on marijuana, alcohol, and eventually crack cocaine. Not until I was 32 did I realize that I had a drug problem and sought out treatment. I spent 5 weeks in a chemical abuse center in Albert Lea, MN, ...

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maybe thinking 'What the hell is wrong with this guy? Has he no idea of the devastating effect that drugs have had on modern society? Is he totally ignorant of the rampant crime and violence associate ... rant of the rampant crime and violence associated with drugs? And, lastly, has he no concept of how drugs are destroying our children? Well, duh.It is absolutely impossible to live today without exper ...

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Addicted Families

igenerational substance abuse. More and more we are seeing families as a whole that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. We are plagued by whether this is a biological connection or a learned environmen ... ot understand that their parent's behavior and mood is determined by the amount of alcohol or other drugs in their bloodstream, can feel confused and insecure. They love their parents and worry about ...

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Issues in Recovery

disorder is typically defined as the process of abstaining from the temptation of alcohol or other drug use while simultaneously making intrapersonal and interpersonal changes to maintain this behavi ... e of recovery, the reality of that process is one of actual biological withdrawal from the specific drug upon which the patient has become dependent through habitual use. In order to prevent a relapse ...

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Treatment Options Paper

of these treatment options includes a range of 12-Step self-help support groups. We also know that drug and alcohol treatment should not be provided independent of mental health treatments. In the pa ... has become clear that just as people cannot separate their addictions and mental health conditions, drug and alcohol treatment centers and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs should not be separa ...

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Treatment Options Paper

he continued use of a substance despite its detrimental effects, impaired control over the use of a drug (compulsive behavior), and preoccupation with a drug's use for non-therapeutic purposes (i.e. c ... choolwork, such as slipping grades or absences, stealing or selling belongings to be able to afford drugs, anxiety, anger, or depression, and mood swings. On the other hand, various physical symptoms ...

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Substance Abuse

and I do have a sponsor. I also live at a have way house here in Rocky Mount. I was at a long term drug rehabilitation recovery shelter for three (3) months before coming here. I know that without a ...

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