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The threat of islamic terrorism after Sept 11

s created, like ethnic conflicts, weapons proliferation, environmental problems, population growth, drug trafficking, and terrorism. Terrorism, as defined by Title 22 of the United States code, sectio ...

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Invasion of Panama

ively use the principles of war. The years leading up to the invasion set the climate for conflict; drug trafficking became a major problem between Panama and the U.S. in the 1980's, as well as Manuel ... Force or PDF; they also wanted to protect the lives of Americans at home by attempting to eliminate drug trafficking. Second, they wanted to 'protect American interests and rights under the Panama Can ...

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The Crimes of the Infamous Cali Drug Cartel

es deals with the Orejuela brothers, Gilberto andMiguel Rodriguez, the leaders of the infamous Cali drug cartel found in Colombia.The two brothers have been drug trafficking for many years, but this j ... ttempt to control the Colombian government over the past severalmonths.The brothers were caught for drug trafficking late in the summer of 1995 andwere sentenced to 9 and 10 years with a chance of a 5 ...

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Policy Issue: Legalizing Marijuana

Currently, drugs remain high on the list of concerns of politicians, and drugs are considered one of the major ... ountry. Stories are on 10:00 news every night about people being murdered on the streets because of drugs. Many people think that drugs are only an inner-city problem, but in reality, they affect all ... ty, they affect all of us; non-users and users. I believe that the negative effects associated with drugs would be reduced greatly if the United States adopted a policy towards the total legalization ...

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Prosecuting Criminals.

ction like businesses. The continuingcriminal enterprise (CCE) statute (21 U.S.C. 848) targets only drugtraffickers who are responsible for long-term and elaborateconspiracies. The antiracketeering st ... hese statutes is relatively smallcompared to those for major categories of Federal offenses such as drugtrafficking. Among persons whose cases were terminated in U.S. districtcourt in 1990, 996 were p ...

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A story that ends with "I wish I did not meet the man".

ed he would get her a job. He gave her an appointment. When shecamehe introduced her to the idea of drug trafficking. He told her howwealthyshe would be in a short time and that she would finally be l ... saying, "Many days are for thethief but one day for the owner of the house." The severe penalty fordrugpushing did not deter her. She began to live big in accordance withtheEpicurean philosophy of "E ...

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Analysis of a Personal Significant Life Stress.

on because the police department was already familiar with the main character for past assaults and drug trafficking. I did not press charges, yet I did report the event and provided names for the pol ...

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The history of us customs.

d up with plenty of money. The customs department has had to deal with problems from prohibition to drug trafficking. My paper will focus on corruption within the U.S Customs, mainly the findings of g ... chose to write my paper on corruption within the Customs Department for several reasons. The war on drugs has always fascinated me. I have always had an anti-drug belief. I also have a boyfriend that ...

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Crime situation in Latvia. Writing a report.

an important transit country for smuggling stolen cars and other goods.Then, another big problem is drug trafficking. Latvia's geographical position makes it attractive as a transit country for narcot ... makes it attractive as a transit country for narcotics. New drugs have entered the market, and new drug abuse patterns are emerging. New and younger user groups are emerging, and a high social accept ...

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Police Corruption

authority for personal or organizational gain. This comes in many shapes and sizes, from the major drug trafficking and money laundering to looking the other way on minor everyday violations of the l ... , bribes, or gratuities. Other corruption activities involve more serious crimes such as brutality, drugs, and framing of suspects (Schmalleger, 2003, pp. 227-229).Police corruption is a complex pheno ...

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USA Patriot Act

the United States to "use the tools that were already available to investigate organized crime and drug trafficking." The US can now use better surveillance to prevent terrorism. There were times tha ...

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Islam & Terrorism

s created, like ethnic conflicts, weapons proliferation, environmental problems, population growth, drug trafficking, and terrorism. Terrorism, as defined by Title 22 of the United States code, sectio ...

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Capital Punishment does not serve a purpose in society today. As such, it should be abolished. Do you agree?

s not only affect society on the whole, but also lead to a whole new series of crimes. For example, drug trafficking would lead to an increase in people taking drugs, and the cravings for drugs and ye ... ult in people committing other crimes to satisfy their desires, such as stealing, robbing and being drug traffickers as well. This would lead to a chain reaction and pose major problems to society. Th ...

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Should Australia Re-Introduce Capital Punishment?

nd vicious murders, particularly for repeat offenders. The recent underground killing and increased drug trafficking shows that the current laws don't deter criminals and that the federal government n ... many problems implementing them. As a result Underground killings would diminish and the amount of drugs coming from overseas will gradually decline as with what has happened with countries like Sing ...

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Police Corruption

committing some kind of corrupt act. Police corruption has increased dramatically with the illegal drug trafficking trade, with officers acting alone or in-groups to steal money from dealers or distr ... ent. On numerous occasions officers were indicted on corruption charges, including torture, murder, drug dealing and framing innocent people. This behavior is known as "rampart way". Rampart way is cr ...

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A Persuasive Piece concerning Capital Punishment, in particular, the case of Australian, Tuong van Nguyen. The use of a personal anecdote MUST be included.

en to van Nguyen? Don't misunderstand me, I'm not attempting to parallel smoking to such a crime as drug trafficking, but I do believe the responses to both actions need to be compared. Nguyen took an ... d to be compared. Nguyen took an extremely large, and well advertised risk in attempting to smuggle drugs into Australia - take a look at the protruding notices on cigarette packets, warning of the pr ...

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Capital Punishment: Reasons for Implementation

icially ordered execution of a prisoner who has been convicted for a serious crime, such as murder, drug trafficking etc. Some methods of capital punishment include hanging, lethal injection, death by ... death penalty.The capital punishment is controversial as some people believe that even murderers or drug traffickers have a right to life, and thus the state has no right to execute them. However, I d ...

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Correctional Systems

facility needs their beds for other inmates. The second issue that I will discuss is prisoners and drugs; including, drug addicted prisoners and drug treatment prisoners. The third issue that I will ... ted prisoners and drug treatment prisoners. The third issue that I will talk about also pertains to drugs and deals with the problem of drug trafficking in prisons.The first component of the United St ...

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Short Answer: How are you positioned to respond to young Australian drug smugglers in 'Drug Death Row'

Alexander Carlton has manipulated various methods of construction in, 'Drug Death Row', in order to position the western democratic audience to respond with sympathy for t ... order to position the western democratic audience to respond with sympathy for the young Australian drug smugglers. We are positioned to view the young Australian's as naive, and therefore not respons ... uch as, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, just to name a few, enforce overly strict laws in respect to drug trafficking. The article highlights the mistreatment many Australian's are subject to, after be ...

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What should the core functions of policing be?

to combat gambling issues, a developing youth culture, Vietnam War demonstrations and the impact of drugs on society.From the 1980's police have been tackling road safety, robberies, drug trafficking, ...

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