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Irony in the Canterbury Tales by

ry to speak out against manysocial problems, all of which he himself is guilty of. He preaches aboutdrunkenness, while he is drunk, blasphemy, as he attempts to sell fakereligious relics, and greed, w ...

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a character study of Salinger's Holden Caufield of "The Catcher in the Rye"

scenes when he gets quite drunk and asks the waiter to complement the singer. This is a show of his drunkenness because the singer is awful or at least the thought so before he started drinking. This ...

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the person is drunk. Family, friends and work are little concern compared to the need for alcohol. Drunkenness limits the alcoholic's control of normal behavior and to perform the easiest functions. ...

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A summary Report on "The Pardoner's Tale" from the Canterbury Tales. Includes interpretation.

landers, and a tree in the grove, undertone of Black Death / use of the bar for the sins (gluttony, drunkenness, gambling, etc.) that are usually attributed to such a place. The background of the Blac ... men are sitting in a bar drinking and gambling. Then the pardoner starts talking about the evils of drunkenness, gambling, gluttony, and greed. He starts quoting parts of the Bible where drunkenness h ...

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The Mask, an essay on the war aspect of Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell To Arms."

dom --in other words, rigorous discipline-- enforced inactivity, ignorance, cruelty, debauchery and drunkenness. And yet this is the highest caste in society, respected by all. Tens of thousands of me ... eps thousands of men fighting for a cause. And as Tolstoy said, inactivity, cruelty, debauchery and drunkenness also play a great part in keeping men under the thumb of commanders. They strive for the ...

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A comparison between the 1920's and the 1980's.

ing an increase in crime transpired. The Prohibitionists hoped that the Volstead Act would decrease drunkenness in America and thereby decrease the crime rate, especially in large cities. Although tow ...

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George Ripley.

to reduce the working day from the usual 12 or 14 hours to 10 hours. Prohibitionists convinced that drunkenness was the main cause of poverty and other problems persuaded 13 states to outlaw the sale ...

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Religious life of a Growing Christian.

are sinless and never do things wrong? Does it mean that we never give in to societal pressures, of drunkenness, or going against the will of God? Does it mean that we are fully and completely devoted ...

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Maestro - Peter Goldworthy Book Report

has changed completely.It is obvious from the start that there is something wrong with Keller. The drunkenness and his hate for the human race (shown by his collection of freak newspaper items), have ...

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Communication Problems in Hugh Garner's "The Father"

tranger offered John a drink, he gladly accepted the offer stating "you're a lifesaver". Due to his drunkenness, John Purcell embarrassed his son even further."In a paroxysm of pride and happiness he ...

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The Characterization of Brett in The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway

st Hemingway, seems simply to be a depressing story about a group of lost individuals, plagued with drunkenness who, as a result, float through life with little meaning at all; however, this naïv ... enty of evidence that would allow just that. As Brett selfishly proceeds through life with bouts of drunkenness and plenty of sex, she constantly walks on the men who intensely desire her.

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Dualism and the Double in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

er of 1865. He originally planned to title it The Drunkards, but in the final version, the theme of drunkenness as a social problem, represented by the Marmeladov family, had shrunk to a minor role. I ...

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"The Drundard" by Frank O'Conner

he story, "The Drunkard" by Frank O'Conner, the son, Larry, takes on four different perspectives on drunkenness by different characters in the story. The different perspectives are shameful, pitiful, ... erspectives are shameful, pitiful, funny, and a blessing.The son's father was shameful of his son's drunkenness. He worried about how the neighborhood would view him on having a son that was drunk. Th ...

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Religious aspects of Leo Tolstoy

hen had them executed; I was a fornicator and a cheat. Lying, stealing...promiscuity of every kind, drunkenness, violence murder- there was not a crime I did not commit Thus I lived for ten years."In ...

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Shakespeare's twelfth night

away to a romantic land, where no penalties or consequences exist for practical jokes and constant drunkenness. It is this incongruity compared with our, everyday mundane lives that provides for the ...

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Lady Mcbeth - The Villain

says "From this time such I account thy love," (I. vii. 38) meaning that Macbeth's love comes from drunkenness. She also challenges Macbeth's manhood by sayingWhen durst do it, then you were a man; A ...

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Lila's thoughts in "The village by the sea" by Anita Desai

t let alone a fleet for Hari to go catch any fish in the sea to feed our family. Father's perpetual drunkenness always caused Hari to speak out against it, though only with me. He always wished death ...

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Miscommunication in R.K. Narayan's short stories: "A Horse and Two Goats", "The Watchman", and "The Evening Gift"

tchman, it is brought about by an age difference; and in The Evening Gift it is illustrated through drunkenness. The three situations of miscommunication lead to an open ending, in which the story isn ... rs. This miscommunication presented itself in many forms, a language barrier, an age difference, or drunkenness. Each of the stories also ends with an open conclusion that leaves the readers with unce ...

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A Victim of His Own Circumstance

on but Manoa and Samson don’t understand why Samson is going to be lost. Samson in a moment of drunkenness tells Delilah his secret. She in turn tells the Philistines, his enemies, and they take ...

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Mary Slessor

rmination to share God's love? While Mary was growing up in the slums of England she witnessed much drunkenness. When Mary was young, her father would get drunk often, and, in a tipsy fit, throw her o ... ther were very poor. Her father blamed himself for their poverty, which may have contributed to his drunkenness. Many of the people living in the slums of England didn't have a whole lot of anything, ...

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