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What is the impact of the different drug policies of England and Wales and the Netherlands on their respective levels of offending?

been the guiding principle in defining the drug laws in the Netherlands. This means the main aim of Dutch policy is to protect the health of individual users, the people around them and society. Users ... ociety and the law do not label criminals as such, so people who offend have no name to live up to. Dutch drug policy aims to restrict both demand and supply of drugs, which is similar to the U.Ks aim ...

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The challenges of the Dutch Republic in the 17th and 18th century.

g the late 17th century and early into the 18th century, the security, unity, and prosperity of the Dutch Republic were challenged. The Dutch faced many problems, such as trade being hindered because ... problems, and the lack of money being made because of the cost of war and lack of trade profits.The Dutch were short of security during this time period because of naval battles and many kings schemin ...

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Devil take the Hindmost (A history of financial speculation) - by Edward Chancellor. A summary of the book which discusses speculation and how it has shaped the western world.

ome form of small scale stock exchange. The economic power at the close of the 16th century was the Dutch who traded and had ventures all across the globe. The Dutch bought together in one place all t ... of a modern financial system in one place (2) allowing a synergy to occur.All this money caused the Dutch to create the first investment fad. That of Tulips. A tulip has only the value that people ass ...

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Hougdoudt company Business to Business relations analysis

INTRODUCTION2TABLE OF CONTENTS3HOOGHOUDT4PRODUCT ASSORTMENT HOOGHOUDT BV5COMPONENTS / RAW MATERIALS6Dutch Gin6Description of different sort of Dutch6SUPPLIERS OF HOOGHOUDT FOR RAW MATERIALS8NEDALCO8CA ... in the top three of national distilleries.The organization receives most of their revenues from the Dutch market, with the largest part coming from the "graan jenever" or grain gin. Hooghoudt also has ...

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How the fortress of our Holland had virtually collapsed?

s a adolescent chap, at the time just 16 years old, I joined the "Royall Hollands Vloot" (The Royal Dutch Army), after leaving school early not allowing me to continue my studies due to world war one ... , waiting for weeks, that turned into months until...January 1942, Germans made it known that if we Dutch didn't immediately surrender they would begin to systematically bomb the country's cities. Thi ...

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Dutch Difficulting with English Dialects

Dutch Difficulties with English DialectsKnowledge of the Dutch language is not sufficient to be unde ... wledge of the Dutch language is not sufficient to be understood all over the world. Therefore, many Dutch people have taken the effort to acquire a level of near-native proficiency of the English lang ... al varieties of English, for example Irish and Scottish dialects. Nevertheless, the majority of the Dutch have learnt British English instead of Scottish, Irish. Why would this be the case? Although t ...

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"Independence was not simply given; it is something for which Indonesia had to fight." Discuss this statement in the period leading up to Indonesia's independence in 1949

Leading up to Indonesia's independence in 1949 Indonesia had to fight against invasions made by the Dutch, British, Japanese and the Portuguese. Sukarto at the end of world war two made the break thro ... no reason why life should not go on without the colonial rulers. To prevent the continuation of the Dutch rule meant that they needed to show a strong army of resistance towards the Dutch. Sukarno's f ...

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Drug Laws of The Netherlands

a successful one.Soft Drug Decriminalization in The NetherlandsContrary to popular belief, when the Dutch parliament revised the country's drug laws in 1976, it did not actually legalize any narcotic ... ser medical risk (such as cannabis), which were classified as "soft drugs" (Bransten, para. 3). The Dutch Parliament then decided to decriminalize soft drugs.Because of this determination, throughout ...

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History of European Involvement in South Africa

The Afrikaans language originates from the Dutch when they immigrated to South Africa, bringing along their own culture and beliefs. The Dutch ... black Africans as well as other Khoi San locals as their slaves and taught them the language of the Dutch and in return incorporated some of their cultural and language into their lifestyles. Over lon ... er the world their language also became incorporated into the now Afrikaanerdom culture.In 1652 the Dutch occupied the Cape of Good Hope on the Southern Tip of Africa so that the Dutch had a midway po ...

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Chapters 6 and 14 Summary of "Duiker and Speilvogel"

mpany called the English East India Company provided money for voyages of exploration to India. The Dutch also got maps of the Indian coast and made the Dutch East India Company, which were rivals for ... of the Indian coast and made the Dutch East India Company, which were rivals for the English.. The Dutch established a mainland called New Netherlands, which is now New York. The Dutch declined due t ...

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The Dutch Become Less Cool

hanged and ever more often there are expressions of aversion opposed to foreigners. Even though the Dutch are seen as open-minded the representation of the Netherlands as a tolerant nation, thus open ... icide bombings, train bombings in London and Madrid, as well as violent incidents in Amsterdam. The Dutch are afraid of fundamental thoughts thus rather ban the possible danger subcultures might bring ...

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What are the coffeeshop policies and what rules do they have to follow?

such as marijuana is unstoppable, you can illegalize it, but there will still be many users so the Dutch society decided that if a problem is proved to be insolvable it is better to control the probl ... be insolvable it is better to control the problem by law. Other countries such as America find the Dutch view upon drugs negative and therefore decide that the use of these substances should be outla ...

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Export Marketing Plan Bulgarian Wine

erlands).· SWOTI analyses for Nagyrede.· An entry strategy to enter the Dutch market.· EU agricultural restrictions · Recommendations.All the in ... to analyse the problems Nagyrede has to cope with, and can be used to for a successful entry on the Dutch wine market.While making this plan we all learned a lot about EU policy regarding to products ...

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Analyze the extent to which religious freedom existed in the British North American colonies prior to 1700.

because of the amount of diverse people who settled there. The first to settle the region were the Dutch, in New Netherlands which would later become New York after the English took control. The Dutc ... therlands which would later become New York after the English took control. The Dutch practiced the Dutch Reform Church which was basically a branch of Lutheran. South of the Dutch were the Swedes pra ...

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Dutch Republic, DBQ

During the 17th century the economically wealthy but politically and military fledgling Dutch Republic faced both foreign and domestic threat to its unity, security and prosperity. These c ... and the nationalism that people were showing to stop the war. All these facts demonstrate that the Dutch Republic was uniting to stop the competitions for wealth, and trade in Europe. There we ... g to stop the competitions for wealth, and trade in Europe. There were many wars against the Dutch Republic which were mostly caused by England. But why was England trying to destroy the Dutch? ...

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Canada is country that is extremely supportive of freedom and

nforced the perception of Canada as a nation which supports freedom and by the shelter given to the Dutch royal family during the war that showed caring for others and acceptance of them.One of the bi ... re forced to surrender in Holland. To show how much the liberation of Holland meant, a quote from a Dutch citizen said: "I remember standing there, looking down the road which they would use to enter ...

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The Effects of Imperialism Upon Indonesia

nternet as my main resource, along with one class period spend in the school library.NARRATIVE: The Dutch control in Indonesia started as early as the 17th century. However, for a long time there was ... d later with the Chinese, and it wasn’t until the 19th, and part of the 20th, century when the Dutch were able to run the colony like they really wanted, and to make the immense profits that were ...

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Euthanasia: ILLEGAL Stance

t least 1,040 people die every year from involuntary euthanasia. This report was the first official Dutch government study of the practice of euthanasia in the Netherlands. In more specific figures it ... pite the fact that they believed alternative options were still possible.Over the past two decades, Dutch law and Dutch medicine have evolved from accepting assisted suicide to accepting Euthanasia, a ...

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Explain why the Belgian Revolution of September 1830 occurred?

at the end there was as well as series of small battles around Belgium between the Belgians and the Dutch army. This conflicts were known as the “Days of September” since they were between t ... tion, which took place between August and September 1830, was the fact that the Belgians were under Dutch rule. The ruler of the United Kingdom of Netherlands at the time was King William 1st of Orang ...

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Discretion In Legal Decision Making

Discretion In Legal Decision MakingBeleid is a Dutch concept, difficult to translate, that is an integral part of Dutch culture and society. The En ... only half of its meaning. The definition of beleid, according to an authoritative dictionary of the Dutch language, refers to a set of contradictory connotations: on one hand, beleid means to manage a ... ivil servants and the police everywhere resort to such informal strategies. What differentiates the Dutch situation may simply be the publicity and legitimacy with which they do so. Instead of being f ...

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