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The essay deals with Kant and how his view on rationailty determine's his view on morality, referring to his idea of duty

least in imperfect rational beings like us, acting with a good will means acting from the motive of duty; and the only things that we can will from the motive of duty are the things that duty requires ... the object of the good will, then the only good things willed by us are things that are required by duty: acts of helping others, respecting their rights, and so on. Other things that we want, like fu ...

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Kant's Categorical imperative.

should be.The first illustration is that of a man considering suicide. Kant felt that people have a duty not to commit suicide. The man in the example claims that it is through " self-love" that he is ... s. If nobody ever paid off their debts, then nobody would ever lend money out either. People have a duty to borrow money only under the intention of paying it back. If there was a maxim that supported ...

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Ethics Development and Understanding and Application

are not things, and everyone has the right to be treated with dignity. We certainly have no ethical duty to hold all people in high esteem, but we should treat everyone with respect, regardless of who ...

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ng moral decisions.§ The non-consequential ethics of Kant which viewed an individual's duty and moral obligation as paramount when faced with an ethical challenge.Contemporary philosopher ... consequences of the actions. Deontological is derived from the word deontos, the Greek word meaning duty or obligation.There are two sub-categories of the deontological theory. The "monistic" sub-cate ...

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