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Aftermarket Automotive Industry Analysis.

dustry. Since NAPA and the automotive industry are fairly large, this analysis will focus in on the E-Commerce with the focal point on the Canadian market.Below is a graphical representation of the tr ... of buying and selling automotive parts. NAPA is attempting to change this model by implementing an e-commerce strategy.Below is the analysis of Porter's 5 forces. The format will be: a list of both p ...

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Business to Business Exchange

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Case Study on

Case Study On Amazon.comE-Commerce, or Electronic Commerce, is a general term for any type of business, or commercial transa ...

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Business Administration and E-Commerce

ers in their everyday business activities, which also means there are few companies that do not use e-commerce. "To most casual Internet surfers, e-commerce means online shopping; workaholics pointing ... ent because they forgot someone's birthday again." (Weiss, 1999) Fortunately, there is much more to e-commerce than most see.Simply put, e-commerce is the exchange of business information between two ...

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Analysis of an E-business

iness of a well known Canadian based retailer, The main objective of the Futureshop e-commerce website is to be at an international level of business and to enhance its marketing capab ... r conclusions and recommendations concerning modifications to be introduced in order to improve the e-commerce of Futureshop.In order to achieve our objective the consulting team first looked at the c ...

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B2B electronic commerce industry

The paper also focuses on the role internet has played in the last few years and the advancement of e-commerce particularly B2B E- Commerce. Furthermore, opportunities and challenges for companies who ... irectly between the buyers and sellers (Laudon and Laudon (2000) ch10). The rate of increase in B2B E-commerce has been tremendous, as many companies are adapting to this type of business rapidly. It ...

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Business to Business versus Business to Consumer

to the customer, industry, or groups of customers and industries.Business to ConsumerWhile the term e-commerce refers to all online transactions, B2C stands for "business-to-consumer" and applies to a ... products or services to consumers over the Internet for its own use. When most people think of B2C e-commerce, they think of, the online bookseller that launched its site in 1995 and quick ...

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Advantages of e-commerce

nge of goods or services through the use of electronic data". Today, the more typical definition of e-commerce is "To sell goods or services on the web" (Web Transitions, Inc, 2004). Some of the benef ... paration phase and the product can be shipped faster.* Reducing strain on other resources- by using e-commerce we will be able to utilize our resources in other departments. It saves time that was use ...

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B2B/B2C Marketing

Conducting business via the internet continues to expand at an extremely rapid proportion. In fact, e-commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate. According to Forrester Research "17 million households s ... keting involves creating and establishing associations between businesses. In an article titled B2B e-Commerce Sites Increase Profitability Through Intelligent Search by Larry Harris, Ph.D., he states ...

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B2B VS B2C: Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues

gement- Tariffs- Electronic Copyright- Credit and cash policies- Security- International TradeSince e-commerce is a fairly new trend, there are very few rules consistent procedures. There are also man ... re are also many issues dealing with taxes that are hard to regulate on a B2B site (PWSI, 2006). As e-commerce begins to grow in the future, legal, ethical and regulatory issues will go through many c ...

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Benefits of Virtual Community

; distribution vehicle thus allowing the organizations to develop a more responsive CRM strategy.c) E-commerce perspective: Trust is an important factor for e-commerce to take place.Virtual communitie ... to take place.Virtual communities have trust building capabilities and hence can be a good tool for e-commerce. Members engender trust through ongoing interactions in the virtual community.d) Marketin ...

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B2B Marketspace

and profitability. This possibility was highlighted in the Boston Consulting Group's report on B2B e-Commerce in Australia and New Zealand which stated that whilst a "˜me-too' e-commerce progra ... n/stories/comment/0,5859,2635554,00.html Blakey E, "Exclusive Interview: Sun Microsystems"�, E-Commerce Times, 3 October 2000, The Boston Consu ...

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BUG Inc.

ge liability claim that could possibly cause BUG and Walter a lot of money.Heading Four - BUG & E-CommerceIf BUG wants to sell their products over the internet they must be aware of the laws that ... to satisfy their shopping needs." (Smith, 2004)When asked "What are the most important elements of e-commerce law" Michael Geist, a law professor specializing in internet and e-commerce law responds: ...

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B to B and B to C Supply Chain Study

The purpose of this paper is to explain how the supply chain differs between business-to-consumer e-commerce as compared to business to business e-commerce. Additionally, present broad coverage of t ... e-commerce supply chain trends that have been shaping business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce over the past few years.Many organizations use strategic alliances, partnerships, and lon ...

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Subjects: Businesss Research Papers > Management Exploiting the Value of Digital Business Infrastructure

t require immediate delivery. Books and music were ideal first categories for Amazon to start their e-commerce venture. They started building their infrastructure from there, but their ultimate goal w ... y. They achieved leadership by huge investments in technology and developing necessary expertise in e-commerce.When infrastructure for their model was in place, company gained significant advantages o ...

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Virtual Organization E-Business Paper

ource) To reach there Riordan Manufacturing's sales goal they will have to embark into the world of e-commerce in order to reach a whole new customer base. What is e-commerce? E-commerce is "The sale ... , in regards to the world of e-business. Riordan Manufacturing will face new issues when conducting e-commerce, especially when doing e-commerce business in foreign countries. The main issues that Rio ...

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Benefits of Ecommerce

E-commerce (electronic commerce) can be defined as commercial transactions of goods and services ove ... ternet. and other computer networks. It consists of online shopping, online banking and e-learning. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular since the spread of the internet. The e-commerce users a ... spread of the internet. The e-commerce users are businesses, consumers and government departments. E-commerce is controversial but the advantages of it greatly outweigh the disadvantages.To begin wit ...

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E-commerce means death of mass marketing

Executive Summary:a. what is e-commerce?b. what is mass-marketing?Connection mass-marketing with e-commerceMass marketing dying t ... sted in TV, full page advertisings in newspapers and radio.What make the end of the mass-marketing? E-commerce is one part of what makes mass-marketing death. E-commerce is about doing business online ... oing business online, via the web. It is also called e-business, e-tailing and I-commerce. Although e-commerce implies that goods and services can be purchased online.In this paper, I'm going to write ...

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Air Asia Operational Information Management in Strategy and Operations

ere made based on the findings. 2.1 An Evaluation of Development of Electronic Commerce in Air Asia E-Commerce was a general term for the conduct of business with the assistance of telecommunications, ... of telecommunications, and of telecommunications based tools as per illustrated in Figure 2.1 on an E-Commerce model. Undeniable, the airlines industry was among the most active in the adoption and ap ...

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