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Walt Whitman's view of the Civil War

erstand the contrasts between his first, then ultimately conclusive belief, one must delve into his earlier works. In the first poem of 'Drum Taps', 'First O Songs For A Prelude' the poem indicates to ... than 'The Wound Dresser.'This poem describes Whitman working for the Union Army and questioning his earlier, incognizant attitude. The unique asset of this poem is it's ideal involvement of self refle ...

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Alfred Hitchcock: What made him so great?

created films which set the tone for his later works. It is very interesting to analyze some of his earlier works to see how he became such a prominent figure in modern History.Hitchcock was raised in ...

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Art in Reality, Cyberspace and Virtual Space

onwards). He called this series of works as "Interactive Motion Art".'Neon' version 1 is one of his earlier works which derives from the series of Neon Light Illusion (his first experimental piece). T ... wind, fire, air, water2, piano & violin). The visuals are no less than the two mentioned works earlier on. Basically 'Neon' version two looks into the areas of sound and motion in different envir ...

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La Farce de Maitre Pathelin- the character of Guillemette

La Farce de Maitre Pierre Pathelin has been called "a little masterpiece". In comparison to most earlier works of French medieval literature, it is highly complex in many aspects. In the words of C ...

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How can, under Catholic laws, the killing of another human being be morally justified?

ill another in warfare, and be justified doing it. Thomas Aquinas based much of his theology on the earlier works of St. Augustine of Hippo, and also brought to light many theories, such as the princi ...

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Marxism socialist ideology

been their subscription to the ideology of Marxism-Leninism. As fashioned by Lenin, building on the earlier works of Marx and Engels, it is the belief that history advances by means of class struggle, ...

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How might motivational theories help you, as a Managing Director of a supermarket chain?

l, people must be motivated or driven to it, either by themselves or through external stimulus. The earlier works of F. W. Taylor (1911) termed scientific management, addressed the design and study of ...

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The poem "Mirror" was one of Sylvia Plath's earlier works. As usual, she is questioning who she is. This poem differs from "Daddy" because ...

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Hemingway and alcohol

ably lends its company to situations in which desperation already resides. In an examination of his earlier works, such as In Our Time, a comparison to later collections reveals the constant presence ... ohol where hopelessness prevails. The nature of the hopelessness, the desperation, changes from his earlier works to his later pieces, but its source remains the same: potential, or promise of the fut ...

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The odyssey 5

le had changed dramatically. He used a crisper and drier style with duller coloring, opposed to his earlier works using light and fresh colors.In the mid 1880's Renoir thought that he should take his ...

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George orwells satirical appro

ividuals and groups engaged in the Russian Revolution."But the seeds for Animal Farm are present in earlier works, not only in the metaphors likening men to beast but more important, in Orwell's whole ...

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Beatles 1 Review

transformation that can be heard in The Beatles style as one listens from song to song. From their earlier works in the early sixties to their later songs in the early seventies, a definite metamorph ...

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The Awakening: General Criticism

nwholesome, unholy, and a misappropriation of Chopin?s exceptional literary talent.Because Chopin?s earlier works had met substantial success, however, most critics acknowledged Chopin?s gifted writin ...

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Beethoven - Living in the two different music periods

d 1802, the middle period went from 1803 - 1812 and the late period went from 1813 - 1827.Beethoven earlier works were similar to the other classical composer's music. It showed many classical charact ... oser's music. It showed many classical characteristics as it was light and elegant, but some of his earlier works also showed very romantic characteristics, furious chords, with dramatic silences betw ...

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Elliot Carter Biography

atics, and classical Greek, as well as music, at St. Johns College in Annapolis. Maryland. A little earlier, Carter met the love of his life Helen Frost-Jones and got married on July 6th, 1939. They h ... enwich Village ever since 1945.Carter created a myriad of different works throughout his years. His earlier works were influenced by Stravinsky, Harris, Copland, and Hindermith and are mostly neoclass ...

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