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This essay is about Mt. Saint Helens erruption.

5.1 magnitude quake struck one mile below the mountain. While there had been literally hundreds of earthquakes at the mountain since March 20th, the unstable north face could not have another one it. ...

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Hydrothermal Vents Imagine being on the ocean floor. You are ...

rom three to four thousand meters in areas along mid-ocean ridges. Plate movements occurring on the earth's crust create vents. They cause the surrounding water to increase to high levels of temperatu ...

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Marine Biologist By Jelly5374

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Classification of Sciences

natural science. Pure sciences include mathematics, physics and chemistry, natural sciences include earth sciences and biology, and each science also marks off some relevant fields of study.Firstly, I ... ical chemistry, analytical chemistry and inorganic chemistry.Secondly, I describe natural sciences. Earth sciences consist of five categories. These are geology, geomorphology, oceanography, geophysic ...

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Climate and Global Warming

he topic of global warming and its effects from the atmosphere and outer space righ tdown to planet earth and its effect on people today and the future. This paper was used for an oral presentation th ... eat for oral presentation or an even better 9-10 page paper for any college weather/astrological/or earth sciences classClimate and Global WarmingI. An IntroductionAccording to the National Academy of ...

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Compare & Contrast Volcanoers

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Role of Organizing in Critical Thinking

casual. Topical order refers to the natural place of things regarding mass, size, density and other earth science. Analogical order draws similarities, thus the name analogical like an analogy. Chrono ...

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Spearman VS. Gardner

eneral intelligence (g), which is based on a positive correlation among varying subjects like math, earth sciences and vocabulary. Gardner (1983) proposed there were multiple intelligences (MI), or se ...

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Newcastle Earthquake Case Study

MagnitudeThe magnitude of the Newcastle earthquake was 5.6 on the Richter scale, which is a moderate earthquake in comparison to other major ... s a moderate earthquake in comparison to other major earthquakes in the world.LocationThe Newcastle earthquake had a shallow epicenter, about 1km - 5km below the surface which meant that the tremors f ... rom the earthquake was not absorbed by the ground as much, leading to an increased intensity of the earthquake.The Meckering earthquake in 1968 was much bigger then the Newcastle earthquake in 1989 at ...

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The Lies We Told

s" (591). His last prayer is met when the tornadoes "break forth and wash the slime from this earth" (595). Perhaps an act of nature and an act of God are one and the same. They bot ...

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List the impacts of changing sea levels and climate on Australia

Australia is an ancient landmass. The Earth is about 4600 million years old and the Australian continent is about 4300 million years old. ... tle tectonic lift from below. It therefore remains relatively quiet in terms of volcanoes and major earthquakes. This means its raised landforms, such as mountains, have been exposed to weathering for ...

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Katrina's Wrath

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Decisions in Paradise: Part Two

ction of coffee, sugar and spices. A fire can decrease the production of their petroleum gas and an earthquake can disrupt the processing of natural gas. These natural disasters cause a disruption in ...

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