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Daily Soaps und Serien

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Family In Focus.

edia, through the press i.e. 'Posh and Becks', advertisements i.e. cars and holidays and soaps i.e. Eastenders and The Simpsons. All of which revolve around the family in general.However there are man ...

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Black and minority groups in the media.

did not represent real life for black and Asian people in the UK. One interviewee pointed at former EastEnders' characters Gita and Sanjay, saying that they "are Asians, but they don't show any religi ...

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Telivision, For or Against?

e fame and glory.People argue that television can make them lazy and it can take over their lives. "Eastenders" and "Coronation Street" are good examples of this because many people, including childre ...

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Soaps (Eastenders)

SoapsThe television soap opera EastEnders televised by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) on the channel BBC 1 is one of the mo ... ney to play around with in regards to production costs. This is an evident factor why soaps such as EastEnders are somewhat less glossy to feature films. By being unable to catch the viewer with speci ... ith special effects, big stars, exotic setting, etc, they are able to do so in a different fashion. EastEnders for example employ the same sets for every episode hence why the drama is always set arou ...

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With reference to the soap operas you have studied, discuss the representations of two social groups, which are offered to audiences.

having feminine qualities instead they are privileged because of them, such as Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders who is portrayed as a Matriarch and is privileged for her domestic qualities of running t ... son. The men within soap operas have to display some female qualities for example in the episode of Eastenders on the 7th May 2002, Phil has revealed his feelings for Sharon, but she has rejected them ...

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A Doll's House

ision drama were developed within this play, some 120 years ago.For instance, the popular BBC1 soap EastEnders recently featured a plot strand revolving around the fate of a letter left by the dead Ti ...

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TV Soap Opera

sions in our homes, and on those televisions there are more soap operas for the viewing public e.g. EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Neighbours, Home and Away, Brookside, London Bridge, and H ... and order to the viewer. Most people know the Rovers Return in Coronation Street or the Old Vic in EastEnders. The individual feels at home with a soap and its characters, of which there can be up to ...

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It Is Often Assumed That Soap Opera Appeals Primarily To Women. What Are The Grounds Of This Claim? Is It Convincing?

e been accentuated in our society, and many features of British soaps such as Coronation Street and Eastenders, promote this quite conservative view of the home.This engagement with "the personal" is ... ing a strong and equal business relationship in the cafe they run and own. Also Terry and ? wife in Eastenders also share and equal working relationship, with in many cases ? having the upper hand/las ...

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How Women Are Portraed In Soaps

area with many story lines. The characters accents reflect the area they come from for example all Eastenders characters have East Londoner accents. There is usually a main meeting place where the ch ... factory workers and hairdressers. They wear fashionable but casual clothing for example Zoë in Eastenders. The young women are usually forceful and know how to get what they want. There are usual ...

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Night And Day

many other soaps, which are currently being shown on TV. A prime example of a very popular soap is 'Eastenders'. The difference between these two titles is that one title tells us the name of an area ... tells us the name of an area and the other tells us about normal daily life. I think that the title Eastenders may be a soap, which is about more people and more outdoor life. This is because the titl ...

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Does the media support a belief in God?

iews into account. There are often religiously aware television characters, such as Dot Cotton from EastEnders who regularly quotes passages from the Bible, and her day-to-day living is influenced by ...

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