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Analysis on "I had been hungry all the years" by Emily Dickinson

the beginning of the poem, the persona informs us that she (assuming the persona is a girl) has not eaten fully for quite a while: "all the years". However, now it is time for her to eat - at noon. Sh ... m might disappear. Other possibilities to why she's trembling might be the anticipation of actually eating the food or the fact that she's so hungry that she's physically trembling. Either way, she to ...

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Child Development: Letter to a future child about growth and development

ped blocks in the correct holes.Nutrition is still important in the next year even though you'll be eating fewer calories than you did as an infant. Because you'll be growing slower your body won't ne ... infant. Because you'll be growing slower your body won't need the extra calories so you'll probably eat about 1300 calories per day. At this point in your life you might find yourself addicted to one ...

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