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Dumping in our Waters. This essay explains the vast water pollution we have in our waters.

wreck water desalination plants and industrial plants drawing their water from affected coastline. (EBSCO CD-ROM source) Poor management of existing water resource can lead to these resources running ... use oil, and there is always the possibility of oil being spilled in war or by terrorist activity. (EBSCO CD-ROM source) Oil also gets into the sea from many other sources. On a graph 37% of oil pollu ...

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that we thought. Though once e started to find information it got easier all the time. We also used ebsco, and we found articles that provided us with a lot of useful information. We found all ...

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Environmental Racism on Minorities

sed a variety of library resources to complete this project. I had search "Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)" and Sociological Abstracts." I am concern with the reason why minorities experience environm ...

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MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

oblems in people's health. Pursuant to Michelle Meadows's "MSG: A Common Flavor Enhancer," from the EBSCO website, the FDA's report in 1995 affirmed that MSG symptoms include burning sensation in the ... iaferro "MSG and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" from the Journal of Environmental Health found in the EBSCO website: A man experienced numbness in the back of the neck, gradually radiating to both arms ...

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of, "Does the human fetus have a right to life?" This source is a reputed peer review journal from Ebsco host.Johnston, George F. Abortion From The Religious And Moral Perspective : An Annotated Bibl ... f, "who decides if abortions are right or wrong?" This source is a reputed peer review journal from EBSCO host.Joseph, Rita. Human Rights And The Unborn Child. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 200 ...

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