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The Liberian War

ing Group(ECOMOG), is one such example. The Peace keeping force, made of soldiers of members of the Economic Community of West African States, intervened in 1990 to monitor the cease fire between warr ... tituted 5% of the population, for the next 130 years the Americo-Liberians controlled the country's economic, political and social life. The indigenous Africans were regarded as second class citizens ...

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Resource Wars : Consumer Commodities

untry's diamond riches to the point where few government services were functioning, educational and economic opportunities were scarce and the government largely relied on external aid for the upkeep ... g control over Liberia which was threatened by the arrival of a peacekeeping force organised by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).To do this, Taylor sided with the Revolutionary U ...

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intrenational relations

cal , pervasive threats and situations .Thus it means creating political , social , environmental , economic , military and cultural systems that give people the building blocks of survival , liveliho ... s. .Thus the individual is at the center of analysis. It therefore seeks to protect the people from economic, food , health , environmental , personal , community and political security. Multilaterism ...

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