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Were Dinosaurs warm-blooded? Evidence supporting the claim that dinosaurs were warmblooded from strongest to weakest...

1.Dinosaurs had vascularized bones very similar to bird bone structure and unlike ectothermic reptilian boneHorner teamed up with Armand de Ricqles in an effort to investigate bone s ... Ricqles in an effort to investigate bone structure as a means to differentiate among endotherms and ectotherms (Morell 1987: pg11). The two scientists did studies that analyzed differences in bone str ... rmic animals have higher growth rates and higher metabolisms because more energy is required, while ectotherms grow at a much slower rate because they are not capable of internal temperature control ( ...

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Summary notes for the updated syllabus 2004-2005, Blueprint of life and Maintaining a balance.

build devices and structures which allow them to survive outside their biological temperature range.Ectotherms:Are animals that cannot maintain a constant body temperature. The activity of ectotherms ... rate is low. Body temp is therefore controlled by heat gained from the environment.Most animals are ectotherms.Endotherms:Are animals that can maintain a constant body temperature. Body temp's are con ...

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Australian ecotherms and endotherms

Australian ectotherms and endothermsA- TYPES OF TEMPERATURE REGULATION1- The cat, human and platypus could be d ... s constant, the cat's and the platypus' increases by around 3▫C.2- The lizard and echidna are ectotherms as their body temperature fluctuates according to the temperature of the external environ ... re rises by 25C and the echidna by 10C as the external temp rises.3- All animals are either clearly ectotherms or endotherms apart from the echidna. Although the body temperature of this animal increa ...

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Compare responses of named Australian ectothermic and endothermic organisms to changes in the ambient temperature and explain how these responses assist in temperature regulation

- ECTOTHERMS are organisms that have a limited ability to control their body temperature. Their cellul ... le heat. Their body temperatures rise and fall with ambient temperature changes. Most organisms are ectotherms. Examples are plants, all invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles- ENDOTHERMS are or ... same as the environment. An example is jellyfish. Poikilothermy is often assumed to be the same as ectothermy; however, this is incorrect. Some ectotherms, like snakes, can regulate their temperature ...

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Responses of Australian Ectothermic and endothermic organisms to changes in ambient temperature

internal body temperature is independent of the external temperature. Endotherms eat more food than ectotherms. This higher food intake results in an increased level of metabolism, which is required t ... phical and ecological distribution.King Brown Snake: Pseudechis australisThe King Brown Snake is an ectotherm. Ectotherms cannot maintain constant body temperatures and their temperatures fluctuate wi ...

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Warm Blooded Or Cold Bloded

ence that unquestionably shows what dinosaur metabolisms were like.Clod ""blooded creatures (called ectotherm) rely on factors outside their bodies to maintain their body temperature-factors such as s ...

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