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instituted the policy of "alternate attendance" which required daimyo to maintain their families at Edo and spend every other year at the Tokugawa court. This policy enabled shoguns to keep an eye on ... side effect it encouraged daimyo to spend their money on lavish residences and comfortable lives in Edo rather than investing it in military forces that could challenge the shogunate. The shoguns also ...

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Japanese Artwork Analysis

lls called a triptych, depicts from left to right scenes of the ancient cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Edo (today's Tokyo). The scrolls were mad with ink, color, and gold on silk, and it was crafted some ... of a real space and romantic warmth evoked marks the naturalistic Shijo-style painting of the late Edo and early Meiji Periods. 1st scroll- consists of several different shades ranging from dark gree ...

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Decline Of Feudalism

e sankin kotai was something that daimyos had to do to keep their positions. It involved walking to Edo on a yearly basis. This, of course, kept them in debt because of the expenses needed to travel l ...

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Social map of Japanese translation of One thousand and one nights During Edo period

uage during the Meiji era, by Nagamine Hideki in 1875, But there is an information emerges from the Edo era documents indicate that the Japanese society knew one thousand and one nights before the dat ... find answers about two questionsFirst, Did Japan knows about one thousand and one nights during the Edo period and whether there was a chance to be translated?Second, if there was an opportunity to tr ...

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