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Biography on Brahms.

no and music theory, free of charge, by one of Hamburg's leading teachers, the pianist and composer Eduard Marxsen." (pg ####) It seems that this teacher had great passion for Bach and Viennese Classi ...

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History of Sex Research

warm environment-coined term: "spermatozoa"-reasserted idea of male supremacy in reproduction*1873 Eduard van Beneden: fertilization the result of two half sets of chromosomes joining to form full se ...

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Maestro Review, Author: Peter Goldsworthy

bonding between a young 15 year old student named Paul, and his arrogant and drunk pianist teacher, Eduard Keller.The book is a 149 page novel, which proves to be quite readable for teenagers despite ... he first impressions were misleading, it indicates that there is a change in his impression towards Eduard Keller, and when Paul's perspective changes, he also changes himself. The novel relates to "C ...

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The Life of Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898)

Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898)        Prince Otto Von Bismarck was born Otto Eduard Leopold on April 1st, 1815. He was born on the family estate at Schönhausen in Bandenburg. H ...

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Essay on Betrayal: 'Rats in the Ranks' 'Maestro', 'Anthony and Cleopatra', 'Gladiator'

nd is a memoir of Paul Crabbe. Not only do we find out much about Paul, but also his piano teacher, Eduard Keller, the 'Maestro'. As each section unfolds further information about his past in unravell ...

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Anaylysis of the novel " Mestro"

te wit, Goldworthy explores a number of clearly relevant themes based around the two characters, of Eduard Keller and Paul Crabbe. These themes include, the Holocaust and its Lessons, the paradox of h ...

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Psycological Analysis of Adolf Hitler

ral leader". Teachers said that he lacked self-discipline and that he was extremely lazy. Professor Eduard Humer (one of Hitler's teachers) actually said that he was "notoriously quarrelsome, wilful, ...

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Keller was an influence on Paul's development as a young man.

rents, the rock and roll band, but in particular both Keller and Rosie.Paul's biggest influence was Eduard Keller, a talented musician who suffered the atrocities of the Nazi regime and afterwards tri ... and far better at playing the piano than anyone else." Paul thinks that since he was taught by the "Eduard Keller" , his skill at playing the piano should be superior, this idea fuels his arrogance. I ...

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How my understanding of "Searching for Identity" has been shaped by Tim Winton's short stories 'Abbreviation' and 'Damaged Goods', and by the novel 'Maestro' by Peter Goldsworthy.

persona of a young boy by the name of Paul Crabbe, who is taught piano by his teacher (or maestro) Eduard Keller. Although Paul initially does not appreciate his teacher, by the end of the novel he g ... ntic relationship, ultimately resulting in the start of a family together.Paul’s piano teacher, Eduard Keller, also has an ‘Abbreviation’ of sorts. However, he is not proud of this missing littl ...

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